Pokemon Voyage Cup (Pokemon Showdown)
As you may know, I recently hosted a Pokemon Showdown Randoms competition. Due to it's popularity, i'm going to be hosting another one for the Pokemon Voyage Cup! 

This tournament will be not be a randoms contest. Using Generation 6 Anything Goes on https://play.pokemonshowdown.com/ , each user will have to draft the Pokemon they'll be using for the entirety of the tournament.  You can find more information below.

Each player will be assigned a draft number at random (This number will change after every pick so that everyone has a fair chance at getting a powerful Pokemon). This will happen until every player has 6 Pokemon. Once a Pokemon is selected, it is unable to be selected again. 

You will be notified on the discord when the draft has started. 

Drafting Rules

1. One Mega per team.
2. One Legend per team.
- If you select a Primal or a Mega that is also a Legendary it will count as both. (If you select MegaRayquaza it'll be Rayquaza with the mega stone attached)
3. There may only be one of each Pokemon selected, forms are counted as different Pokemon.
 - Eg Deoxys Speed and Deoxys Attack are two different Pokemon, as well as MegaBlaziken and Blaziken and as such both can be selected individually.
4. If you select a Pokemon with the intent of it being your mega, specify in your post when selecting the Pokemon.
5. No duplicate items. - This means that you cannot have 6 Leftovers. You are limited to one of each item, and you can pick whatever you want, unless your Pokemon is a Mega.
6. Once your team is drafted and you have selected your moves/items, send a screenshot of each individual Pokemon (with the appropriate info) to GD/99999 on the Pokemon Voyage Discord. Once your moves and items are set they cannot be changed.

Note: Depending on the amount of entrants, there may be two groups. This means that each group with have a separate drafting phase, and as such will have their own picks.

Group and Final Stage
The tournament will either be a single or double round robin depending on the entrants. Once all matches have been played the top 4 (may be more depending on the amount of entrants) players from each group, or top 8 players overall (if only one group) will move on to the final stage. The finals will be a single elimination tournament. 

Match Rules
1. Each player will have a select number of opponents to play against every week (this number will vary depending on entrants). 
2. If a match is not played in the allotted week, the person who has been stalling the game will be awarded the loss.
3. If you are caught cheating. This means using a Pokemon/Move/Item you aren't meant to have - You will be disqualified, and be banned from all of my future contests. All yet to be played games will be recorded as a loss to the cheating user.
4. All games must be recorded. If a game hasn't been recorded and posted in the appropriate channel on discord if will not count.
5. All games must be generation 6 anything goes category.
6. All games will be best of one until the final stage. Those will be best of 3. 

Entry Requirements

1. Must be a member of the Pokemon Voyage Discord to enter.
2. Must have a registered Pokemon Showdown account. You can make an account here: https://play.pokemonshowdown.com/
3. Must post your Discord name, Showdown name and RPG id number in this thread. (Discord name - Showdown name - ID)

Tournament Info: (Matches, Standings Etc)

This will be found on https://challonge.com. I will post the appropriate link once the contest has started.

Discord - Showdown - RPG ID
1. Cocobanana - Calerock - 332
2. Pooch - PoochMan01 - 485
3. HeilHonger - mpk2 - 57
4. DsQs x GunZ - DsQs x GunZ - 25942
5. Debbie Darkrai Dough - TowerTycoonDarkrai - 107897
6. LotadStar - LotadStar2 - 113008
7. JoMamaSpears - JoMamaSpears - 181
8. dP - DarkPlayerNin9 - 23
9. PeacefulTian - PVNerdy - 7770
10. Ayso - Ayso678 - 50
11. Kibei - Kibei - 102
12. Axis

1st. GoldenWynaut (?) 4 or GoldenWynaut G 4 (Winner decides)
2nd. GoldenWynaut (?) 4 or GoldenWynaut G 4 (Whichever 1st doesn't pick)
3rd. GoldenTogepi (?) (Level: 4), DarkCresselia (?) (Level: 4)
4th. GoldenSpinarak (?) (Level: 4), Mareep (?) (Level: 5)
5th - 8th. Munchlax (?) (Level: 4)

Registration will be open between now and 30/09/2018 11:59pm PV time
Feel free to PM me about anything concerning the rpg, forums or chat.
Cocobanana - Calerock - 332
[Image: 2nrmza9.jpg]
Pooch - PoochMan01 - 485

Caretaker of Giratina/AquaLugia Heart

HeilHonger - mpk2 - 57
Elite Four - The Lord of Table Flipping

[Image: orje5v.jpg]
Dark Assassin - Still Our Saviour
DsQs x GunZ - DsQs x GunZ - 25942
[Image: 30tgqkh.jpg]
Zarquad - Zarquad3 - 3
cool and good
If there’s still space I’d love to join

Debbie Darkrai Dough- TowerTycoonDarkrai- 107897
I look for things that are very different from my life, and that are curious and idiosyncratic to me. And then, I like to find if I'm able, just a little bit, to step into a world that I know very little about. That's great fun.

-James Spader
LotadStar LotadStar2 113008
JoMamaSpears - JoMamaSpears - 181
dP - DarkPlayerNin9 - 23
GoldenWoopers please!

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