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Hi, my name is emorox and I am your host for this edition of PV News.

The highlights this week are:

This weeks Pokemon Showdown tournament has been a triumphant success.
 - activity is booming
 - discord is thriving
 - community involvement/engagement is at an all time high 

It has been a long and grueling week.
 - battle after battle
 - contestants been wiped from the leader-board
 - egos bruised and shattered

Tensions are high as the remaining contestants move into the semi-finals
 - Axis vs Cocobanana
 - Misterpokemon vs emorox
 - The semifinals will be best of 5, with each the generation of each match-up being randomly selected by GDeoxys.

The prizes for this prestigious tournament goes as follows
- 1st place gets a GoldenWynaut ♂ (Level: 4), GoldenLapras (?) (Level: 5), DarkCharmander ♂ (Level: 4) and bragging rights.
- 2nd place will get a GoldenLapras ♀ (Level: 5), GoldenLapras ♂ (Level: 5) and a ShinyDeoxys (N) (Level: 100)
- 3rd place ShinyAmaura (?) (Level: 5)and a DarkArticuno (Level: 5)
- 4th place will get a ShinyArmaldo (?) (Level: 163)
- 5th-8th places will receive a ShinySlakoth ♂ (Level: 5) and DarkBlastoise ♀/♂ (Level: 5)
- 9th-12th will get a DarkBlastoise ♀/♂ (Level: 5)

Who do you think will win? Post your thoughts in the comments below

As for developments in for any advancements in v3. This is all we have at the moment.

[Image: 17dfbcddd53241339a7ff3b1300722a8.png]

That's all we have time for folks, my name is emorox and this has been this weeks edition of PV News.
Stay tuned for any further developments in v3 updates or in the Pokemon Showdown Tournament.

Have a great weekend.

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We have just received this exclusive update from the big man himself.

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