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Date Published (my time): August 11th, 2018

Headline: There has been rise in......

Welcome to this weeks newspaper, I’m Poptart88 giving you the news
So last time we left off talking about V3 in Pokémon Voyage, and how it was coming, little did I know, it was a topic that soon blew up, we now have a thread created by pooch (genisis) about a poll on whether we should have events between now and the release of v3, but then after, zarquad, maker of v3, mentioned on the thread that in there was a good spot to post ideas for v3, and now the thread became an idea thread, so post your ideas, but of course make sure no one mentioned it already.

We have had a rise in talk of v3 as well as trades, now that b/o has taken over.
Also, on discord I have done a contest yesterday, so make sure to join for lots of fun. Also we still have guilds/teams going on in discord, so if you are in discord or join, you can try and get into Team Galactic or Team Rocket.

Also if you ever need help with anything and can’t join Discord, you can always private message me on forums or the rpg and I’ll do my best, my ID is 107897 and my username is Poptart88

Welp that’s all for this news, and be sure to look at the “things to remember” at the top of this newspaper again, for Pokémon Voyage news, I’m your writer Poptart88, have a great day
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