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Pokémon Voyage V3
(08-10-2018, 11:22 PM)Zarquad Wrote:  Here are some high-level ideas I've already been considering. Not saying I'll actually implement these, or that they'll be implemented in the way described here - it's just some brainstorming. Some of these were taken from other suggestions in the past from other members. Feel free to give your thoughts on any of them or expand on them.

 - Loyalty Points: You gain them on the RPG by doing daily tasks like logging in, going through a few battles, etc. As you accumulate points you unlock special features like trade logs, new avatars, "titles" that are displayed on your profile, RPG skins, etc. In general this feature moves the RPG towards having users unlock features as they progress, instead of having every feature available at the start (core features would still be available for all users).

- Game Corner: Place to put the existing minigames and add new ones. Spend money to play games. Can incorporate weekly/monthly high score prizes.

- Guilds: Need a specific number of players to create one. Can change guilds once every month or so. Guilds have their own customizable page, ranks, etc. and work together on different things to get the highest overall guild score.

- Buy/Sell Page: Option to buy back your own Pokemon or sell to a specific user. Pokemon on the buy page are released automatically after some period of time.

- Double exp events

- Built-in walkthrough for new accounts

- More achievements

- Referral system (maybe, if I am confident I can design it in a way to avoid abuse)

- More items. Pokeballs (bought with money) required to catch map Pokemon to prevent insane levels of hoarding, because it will eventually hurt performance.

- User trade logs

- Live battles (not a priority, has some issues that would have to be worked out)

- Follower Pokemon: Special "partner" Pokemon or just the first Pokemon in your roster, appears next to your trainer sprite, participates in game corner games

- Quests for users to go on that unlock special legendary Pokemon and other things (lots of ideas around these in old threads)

- Battle Frontier (similar modes to the actual games)

- Improve battles: Status conditions, items, switch Pokemon, exp boosts, mobile friendly, more responsive, maybe doubles

One thing I'm keeping in mind is too many "currencies." Money, Pokemon, achievement coins, loyalty points, etc. This will become too complicated if I add new currencies for the battle frontier, game corner, and other features. I want to make each feature have some sort of reward system to motivate players to participate, but we need to keep it simple, balanced, and not easily abused.

I think Loyalty points is a great idea, it gives people another incentive not only to log in but be active member of the RPG. I also love how you can unlock more features as you accumulate these points but also unlock titles, avatars and skins on your journey. Continuing on from Nathan's point: I know a lot of the PV members don't use forums/discord but it would be nice to see if we can get more of these people to join the forums or discord to increase the activity of the PV community. Maybe making chat/forum links more prominent in the RPG would help to remedy this.

Games Corner. I love the idea of more mini-games in Pokemon Voyage, it would make the game more enjoying for members that play everyday or log in maybe once a week. I would like the mini-games to be playable more than once a day - maybe you get one try at each mini-game for free each day and then you have to pay a certain amount to play again (maybe the cost is the same or incrementally goes up each time you play it that day). A leader board for the mini-games/games corner would be a nice addition but in my opinion is not necessary.

Guilds. I have been waiting for this since before v2 was released. I think it is a great way for the PV community to work and compete with one another. I am not sure how the logistics would work, if there would be a leaderboard etc but would be a nice way to get people to become active again. As I said in discord I don't think there should be a certain amount of players to create a guild but the barrier to entry should be high - you must have a certain amount of loyalty points to make a guild and it should cost $100,000,000 to create it. And again, love the customization aspect of this.

Buy/Sell Page. This needs more features. At the moment I don't think that the RPG is active enough to warrant releasing the pokemon after a certain time. Is there any way this could be done manually? Releasing the last 100 pages of pokemon at time? There's no need for private selling, if you sell a pokemon for a certain price and someone else buys it I don't really see the point.

Double exp events, double money events, 1/2 price items from Giovani would be great ideas as long as they happen occasionally. The rates and values of certain pokemon in this case levels have been developing over the course of the last few years, we don't want to ruin this by completely ruining the value of these pokemon. That being said, this is a great way of getting users to be proactive and gives additional incentive to train.

A built in walk-through is a great touch. Would really benefit new users as it can be quite difficult to navigate the RPG. 

More Achievements. I like this idea very much as it gives you something to work towards. The most fun I have had on this game was when v2 came out and we were all trying to figure out what all the achievements were. Would like to see a range of difficulty for these - ones for new users and harder ones for more seasoned PV members. 

Referral system - this is a tough one to get right. It can be easily abused. I very much liked Mewtwo's idea of only getting rewarded based on the activity on the members who have been referred. You don't get rewarded straight away only once they have gained a certain amount of loyalty points.

This game definitely needs more items, in the 6 years this game has been around there have only been 6 items in the game; 2 of which don't do anything. Personally, I don't like the idea of having to buy pokeballs to catch pokemon. I would rather see a box limit implemented where you can hold more pokemon the more loyalty points you have.

I, along with most older users, believe trade logs is an excellent idea - our memory isn't hat it used to be so we can't remember every trade. It would helpful if there was some way of looking back on our past trades.

Live Battles. Don't like this idea. No need for it. Too much hassle for little gain.

Follower Pokemon: I would love to have a PokeFriend that accompanies me on my Pokemon Voyage.

Quests. Love the idea. Do one quest then another. Unlike Achievements the Quests need to be done in chronological order. Great idea. Another way to keep us active and occupied.

Battle Frontier: Haven't played the games for almost 10 years. Can someone explain this to me? 

Improve battles. I only think you need to add those things listed (pokemon conditions, switch pokemon etc) if more gyms/challenges etc are added to the game. This would make these battles much more strategic and more planning would have to be involved.
Thanks for the feedback. In terms of the Battle Frontier, it consists of a series of facilities where you try to get the longest winning streak you can in a special type of battle, unqiue to each facility. If your streak is long enough, you'll get challenged by a Frontier Brain that is particularly strong.

Here are some examples:
Battle Factory - win with rented Pokemon, can swap Pokemon with those of opponents you defeat.

Battle Arcade - each battle has random events, ex. all Pokemon start burned

Battle Hall - 1:1 battles where you pick the type of Pokemon you face, and the difficulty of your opponent for a type increases each time you pick that type

These are all from Sinnoh. You read more online. The Battle Frontier can be very difficult. I haven't thought of a reward system yet. In the games, you get "battle points" which you spend on special items. We could sell some megastones for a high number of points, among smaller items.
cool and good
This is based off of the Pokémon Go trading system.

Assign Pokémon base values, based on rarity, status (legendary/starter/mythical/pseudo legends/promo/event pokemon), level, variation, etc. As you play PV, you gain levels, allowing to trade rarer Pokémon.

This could potentially prevent scamming, as newer players wouldn’t be able to rarer ‘mons for some time. They could still trade for them or be gifted them via trading with other players. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

P1 has 0 levels, can only offer maps and no Pokémon
P2 has 20 levels, can offer maps, legends, golds, magmas, aquas, shinies, darks, rares, mythicals, 1ks, promos, events, No Pokémon, etc.
P3 has 1 level, can only offer promos, maps, legends, and No Pokémon

Each subset would have to be met, so a level 1 user couldn’t trade a gold promo until they unlock that via leveling up.
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Idea: mystery gift- at some points mystery codes are given, although I guess promo basically is that but you know whatever

Idea: wonder trade/gts- wonder trade is random, potentially could lead to unfair but idk
Gts- just put in a Pokémon and ask for something else, maybe add in some options like level idk, and remove spam/long period of time ones

Idea: lottery- make occasional lotteries like powerball and things like grand prize legendaries In exchange for money to buy tickets etc
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I get what you're trying to do with this, but I don't think it would work well for a few reasons. It's too big of a change to the way existing features work, limits the ability for members to participate in events and in-game tasks, and could easily be abused (breaking things up into multiple trades, selling Pokemon, etc).

As far as "protecting new members" goes, I think making them hard to find and having a walkthrough that encourages them to join the forums/discord and tells them about trading is good enough.
cool and good
Leveling up could be done with very basic measures, such a completing gyms or trading when they reach higher levels. This would have to deal with each individual Pokémon, not the whole trade. Events and nicer promos are kinda pointless when someone trades them for a random legend or level, no? This could also relate to your loyalty system.

“Protecting new members” by making them harder to find doesn’t exactly encourage people to stay. PV’s social aspect is cut off with the removal of online members since it’s more challenging to meet RPG active users who aren’t on the forums or discord.

Besides, not everyone is interested in signing up for discord or the forums. Pushing them to join could discourage them, no?
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Any money it was nox who voted no in the pool
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(08-11-2018, 08:08 PM)Cocobanana Wrote:  Any money it was nox who voted no in the pool

You can see who voted for what.
cool and good

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