Who plays Pokeone.

I've seen it going everyone, I think their discord was at like 20k members and they're sitting on 100k in a few days.
Looks like something that will get shut down by Nintendo eventually.
cool and good
(08-05-2018, 04:23 PM)Zarquad Wrote:  Looks like something that will get shut down by Nintendo eventually.

More than likely.

Iirc it's the same developers for another PokeMMO game.

The thing that was most interesting is that they have some pretty insane micro-transactions that are already being purchased.

I was adding up their Discord reports for micro-transactions and they're easily adding up to a few thousand a day lol.
see this is the kind of stuff that micro transactions in general have made possible. it's dangerous. a game that feeds of the pokemon craze, one that even looks like it could get shut down for copyright at any moment, and has options to buy pokes/whatever for money? i guarantee if kaka offered to give you 1 poke of whatever you wanted for 5 bucks, lots would jump on it.

micro transactions have been normalized by mobile games/overwatch/ea shiz etc. and now games like this, that aren't policed by a legal team or at least have any press following like an EA, can take advantage of kids wanting to have "premium pixels".

makes me sick a little.

Edit: Nope don't play ;D
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