Hello!~ {Introduction <3}
Aah,, Hi! I'm Poslen, but you can call me what my friends call me, Rach or Koi. I adore pokemon, obviously, and i love hamilton, be more chill, dear evan hansen, and musicals along the lines of that! <3.

My favorite pokemon is either mismagius or glaceon, because they both are freaking adORABLE !~ And my favorite type is either ghost or fairy!!~

So, i'm usually super energetic and i love everyone <3_<3.

But if someone gets me rilled up i can get,, uh,, crazy.

My birthstone is a ruby and my birthday is actually, on Monday!~

Heart  Heart  Heart  Heart  Heart yayy~
[Image: giphy.gif]

[Image: tumblr_mjzqexjeWa1s720cfo1_500.gif]
Welcome to Pokémon Voyage and Happy Early Birthday! Big Grin

Also, you have great tastes in musicals and Pokémon. Tongue Do you have any questions? If so, feel free to create a thread or post somewhere to ask. Discord is full of friendly users too Huh
Have a good day~ Big Grin
Welcome to Voyage!
Welcome to the family.

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