Just One Simple Question...(Finished)
There are 95 people in a quick game of battle royale. Who will win? The first to figure out who wins the battle royale game gets a...

Prize from TheZanker:
GoldenAbsol M Level: 5 
GoldenCharmander M Level: 4
AquaNincada (?) (Level: 5)

Prize from GDeoxys:
DarkArticuno (Level: 332)

Happy guessing!

[Current Status: Done ]
Hint 1: Easiest way to figure it out is think outside the box... ;)
Hint 2: Anything not gameplay related could be key to the answer... possibly?
Hint 3: The player number is just there
Hint 4: If you think hard enough about each word in the scenario you may or may not find the answer.
Hint 5: The answer is two words
Hint 6: Play around with the words. Mix, match, and break them apart...etc
Pokemon Voyage IDs: 4 and 18
I have no idea what that means, just a couple hunches
John wick
The last person alive/person who shoots only other player alive
The noob that sits in a bush until the end of the game
[Image: 30tgqkh.jpg]
The person with the best luck/aim
The last person alive ofc
None of answers are correct above
Pokemon Voyage IDs: 4 and 18
The person at the edge of the storm who avoids fights and hides at all costs?
TheZanker will win (done)
[Image: 30tgqkh.jpg]
The one who can build stairs out of the box
Have a good day~ Big Grin
Sadly to say that none of these are correct.
Pokemon Voyage IDs: 4 and 18

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