*Traders* E1
Heya, I’m trying to start a new lounge thread series, *Traders*, so something like that. Would you be willing to give a piece of trading advice?

Johnny1337: What's your end goal?

Gotchen: Sorry, my advice wouldn't be worth much. I've never known a lot about trading

Aurora: I'm probably the worst for trading advice
Actually, I know I am

Poptart88: Um,
-don’t throw it all away, you worked hard
-look at wiki for how to get richer

Genesis: Trading advice lol from me?

Cocobanana: Great idea
Usually I like to trade less and receive more

Misterpokemon: uhh I don't think I'm active enough to warrant giving advice lol

Gdeoxys: Sure
I'm not the best person to ask for trading advice though. You should ask Takr.

Jamezilla: yeah

Mewtwo: mayB

Emorox: Yes.

Johnny1337 and Cocobanana gave the most concise advice. If you want some trading wisedom, pm them on the RPG, their IDs are 9 and 332. Everyone, good luck trading!
I actually laughed reading this. Thanks for that.
Feel free to PM me about anything concerning the rpg, forums or chat.
(06-27-2018, 12:43 PM)GDeoxys Wrote:  I actually laughed reading this. Thanks for that.

I’m glad.

Thank you for participating! Big Grin

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