Pooch/Genesis: Debonair #9
Pooch is a wonder of a member! As a user who is admired by many, he is kind, friendly, and quite charming. He is also dedicated to Pokemon Voyage, being an active user who encourages the economy and member of the wiki team. Here are 17 Q&A's!

T: What introduced you to Pokémon?
PG: I actually got into the franchise through the card game , and not cause of anything else but cause the Ex cards at that time looked cool. I just loved trading the cards themselves with my friends.

T: What is your favorite Pokémon?
PG: By far the only Pokemon that I've ever said to myself hey that looks cool was the Dark Tyranitar from the Mew movie.

T: What introduced you to Pokémon Voyage?
PG: At the time I was playing on another Rpg zya introduced me to PV week after it was released or so can't remember for sure.

T: What’s your favorite PV “type?”
PG: It has to be the Aqua pokes.

T: Which PV event was the most epic?
PG: The only ever event I was here for was the Golden Zap/Moltres one so yea.

T: Which PV user would you like to see return the most?
PG: Zya since he's the only older player I know

T: Who is you favorite current/former staff member?

T: What is your favorite song?
PG: I've got many favourite songs would be hard to pick one honestly.

T: What is your favorite color?
PG: Sea blue

T: What is your favorite animal?
PG: Doggo

T: Which city in the world would you like to visit the most?
PG: Paris for sure!!

T: What sports do you like/play?
PG: Badminton/Cricket

T: Who was your first friend on PV?
PG: First friend zya

T: Which Pokémon do you think will appreciate?
PG: Golden Zapdos/Moltres

T: Which Pokémon do you think will depreciate?
PG: Not too sure on that lol.

T: What is your favorite book?
PG: The Art of war

T: What do you consider to be your greatest achievement/accomplishment?
PG: GoldenScizor on PV in life most probably finding a Job that I found quite enjoyable compared to many others that I've seen my friends/family do. Now that I've found something I like gotta set my goals even higher!! Aim for the stars yall  Idea  Idea  Idea
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My man Pooch.
Feel free to PM me about anything concerning the rpg, forums or chat.
Oh mai I blush for that intro ? ty

Caretaker of Giratina/AquaLugia Heart

Criticism: none

Suggestion: why don’t you make one about your self?

Creative thingy: no one is basic, which makes it creative, because no one else does it :)
You said write anything so....



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I look for things that are very different from my life, and that are curious and idiosyncratic to me. And then, I like to find if I'm able, just a little bit, to step into a world that I know very little about. That's great fun.

-James Spader

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