Mysterious Mewtwo: Debonair #10
Mewtwo is a rather mysterious Discord member who plans to evolve from Mew to Mewtwo. Not much is known about him, still, some users have discovered his/her/their ID: 3! Mewtwo claims to always be “serious” and to run “this place.” Here's 17 Q&A's

T: When did you start PV?
Mew: December 2011 or January 2012, something around there. Whenever it started.

T: What introduced you to Pokémon?
Mew: I don't remember. Probably friends, the anime, or Pokemon Crater.

T: What’s your favorite Pokémon?
Mew: My favourites include Salamence, Darkrai, and Wobbuffet. I'm probably forgetting a few others.

T: What’s your favorite color?
Mew: Blue

T: What do consider to be your greatest accomplishment?
Mew: Touching my nose with my tongue.

T: What’s your favorite Pokémon generation?
Mew: I don't really have one. I like them all up until the 5th, but my knowledge of the generations drops a lot after that.

T: Who would you like to see return?
Mew: Off the top of my head, Moh, Zya, Canine, Ayso, deepakw, Lippi, and DeadMan. Probably forgetting some others (sorry).

T: Which Pokémon are overrated?
Mew: GoldenJirachi, GoldenScyther, GoldenHoundour, and GoldenArticuno.

T: Which Pokémon are underrated?
Mew: Some lesser known rares like shiny/dark starters and legends, most U promos, and some of the Pokemonapalooza event golds.

T: What’s your favorite PV “type?”
Mew: Shiny or Golden.

T: What’s your favorite animal?
Mew: Penguins, monkeys, and sea otters (after a recent encounter at an aquarium) come to mind.

T: What is your biggest fear?
Mew: I'm not sure. Maybe dying unsatisfied with life, though I doubt that will happen.

T: What song do you think would be a good theme song for PV?

T: Which PV event/contest was the most memorable?
Mew: First one that came to mind when reading the question was Poe's contest for GoldenAxew, so I guess that's the most memorable one.

T: Which Pokémon do you think will appreciate the most?
Mew: GoldenEevee, GoldenRegigigas, S/D/A/M legends like ShinyDeoxys and DarkHo-Oh, maybe older golds like GoldenGrowlithe.

T: Who was you first PV friend?
Mew: In general? Cowpunch. Friend who I talked to first on PV? Kakashi. First friend that I made on PV? pokemonxdofdarkness I think, but I could be wrong.

T: In the world, which person do you respect the most?
Mew: My parents I guess?

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