Emorox, Andrew, Emorox: T&LL Debonair #6
Mr. Andrew has played Pokémon Voyage for ages. He’s put a lot of thought into this game, collecting promos, rares, golds, and obtaining the “desirable” ID 100. Emorox isn’t just an old member though, he’s a generous one. Here’s 17 Q&A’s!

T: When did you join PV?
E: I joined PV pretty early on (hence id 100) I remember getting ShinyPorgyon as the promo. Might have got a promo or two before that but my memory fails me...it's been 6 and a half years.

T: What’s the most valuable Pokémon you’ve ever owned on PV?
E: Usually I don't like upgrading into large valuable pokemon as it limits your trading potential. However over the years I have owned many rare and valuable pokemon: ShinyArticuno (?), Kyogre (?), Giratina (?), GoldenScythers and a bunch of the Shiny/Dark (?) starters.

T: What was your first gold?
E: Zya gave me my first gold back in 2012. It was either a GoldenHoundour or GoldenHoundoom.

T: Which user was your first friend?
E: My first friend on the RPG is Daniel Beaumont. However Moh was one of the friendliest members around at the time.

T: What is your favorite Pokémon?
E:  I don't really have a favourite pokemon but I like cute ones like buneary and eevee.

T: What is your favorite generation?
E: The first generation is my favourite, nothing can beat the classics.

T: Which golden event was the most memorable?
E: The GoldenAipom/GoldenScyther event was by far the most memorable golden event. Watching everyone scramble to complete the 5 quests was very entertaining.

T: What is your favorite color?
E: Black/Grey. Not too keen on bright and flashy colours.

T: Which game introduced you to the world of Pokémon?
E: I didn't play any of the gameboy games early on, I started playing those a bit later. The first ever pokemon game I played was PokemonCrater. I loved that game. Spent thousands of hours on it.

T: What’s your favorite video/online game?
E: PokemonVoyage. Nah jk. My all time favourite game is Call of Duty Black Ops 2.

T: What’s your favorite animal?
E: Cats. I love cats. I have two wonderful cats that I wouldn't change for the world.

T: What has been your favorite job?
E: Working at McDonalds has been a really great job. You get to work with such a lovely bunch of great people. Not too keen on staying here too much longer - maccas has a way of stealing your soul.

T: Any Pokémon you see appreciating?
E: Golds - just in general. They have been on the rise especially now since (?) promos are in the game.

T: Any Pokémon you see depreciating?
E: Unfortunately (?) promos have been on the decline.  The novelty has kind of worn off now.

T: Any overrated Pokémon?
E: GoldenDuskull (?)s are slightly overrated in my opinion. There are just too many in circulation at the moment - there are much better pokemon to invest in.

T: Any underrated Pokémon?
E: Leveled pokemon aren't as wanted as the once were. There is not that much incentive to have leveled pokemon anymore. No new Gyms, Challenges etc. It's just a status thing now.

T: Who needs to return the most?
E: To be honest there are too many to count - there have been so many nice and friendly people on PV over the years. It would have to be a tie between Awesomater and Moh. So many good memories.
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