Da Aurora, Ghost, or L.H.: Debonair #8
Ghost/Aurora’s another old member and Super Moderator! She loves vulpix’s and ninetale’s Big Grin  Try checking out her Deviantart, Aurora’s an amazing artist! She claims to not be nice, despite other users’ belief in her kindness. Here’s 17 Q&A’s!

T: When did you join PV?
AG: I think it was about two months after Kakashi launched PV.

T: Who’s your favorite staff member?
AG: Kind of a tough question, I don't pick favourites.

T: What was the most amazing gold event?
AG: Munchlax/Shinx/Slakoth was pretty sweet.

T: Any memorable contests?
AG: I actually haven't participated in a contest in ages so I can't even remember.

T: What is your favorite PV memory?
AG: Becoming staff.

T: Who would you like to return?
AG: Tough question, Canine was always pretty chill.

T: What is your favorite PV “type?”
AG: Dark.

T: What is your favorite PV Pokémon?
AG: Dark Braviary.

T: What is your favorite Pokémon?
AG: Vulpix/Tyrunt.

T: What is your favorite color?
AG: Purple, not that lame lilac stuff though.

T: What is your favorite animal?
AG: Ferrets

T: What kind of pets do you have?
AG: Ferrets, cats, dogs, horses

T: What is your favorite art style?
AG: I'm a fan of so many styles. Personally I’m a big fan of painting. Like acrylic/oil/watercolour etc

T: Who is the best musician/vocalist?
AG: I don't really pay attention to music

T: What Pokémon is overrated?
AG: Jirachi.

T: What Pokémon is underrated?
AG: Vulpix.

T: What game introduced you to Pokémon?
AG: I played a friend's Red for a bit, but ultimately it was a copy of Silver I had to get me hooked.
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