The Jamezilla (J.a.m.e.z.i.l.l.a.): T&LL Debonair #5
Jamezilla’s known for many things. His love for Pokémon, PV OG status, training, programming, and PV are all amazing facets of his personality! (His grammar/spelling skills are well known too!) Many members are fond of this kind and quirky retired mod with complex ideas. Here’s 17 Q’s for Mr. Jamezilla!

T: What’s you’re favorite Pokémon?
T: Which Pokémon was your first gold here?
T: What’s your favorite PV “type” of Pokémon?
T: Which Pokémon generation was the best?
T: Which generation introduced your to Pokémon?
T: Do you miss being mod?
T: Who was your favorite staff member?
T: Any old users you miss?
T: Which PV event was the most legendary?
T: Which programming language did you learn first?
T: What’s your favorite Pokémon here?
T: What’s the worst trade you’ve ever made?
T: Which Pokémon is the most overrated here?
T: Which Pokémon is the most underrated here?
T: What is your favorite Pokémon overall?
T: What is your favorite animal?
T: When will the Zubatman return?
curiouser and curiouser ~Alice 1865 (Lewis Carroll)

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