Poptart88, David M: T&LL Debonair #7
Poptart88 is a bit of an anomaly: he’s a new member who has become the Hero of PV, mod, and enemy of King of Nothing. He clashes with Kakashi, yet is good friends with him? In discord, he’s the lover of Darkrai, occasionally being possessed by Darkrai and Girantina.

T: What’s your favorite Pokémon?

T: Who would win in a fight: Darkrai or Arceus?

T: What’s your favorite generation?
gen 4

T: Which game introduced you to Pokémon?

T: What introduced you to PV?
idk I just scrolled through my moms laptop (before I had a phone) after being bored with my game and saw PV first so thought I’d try it

T: Favorite promo?
Golden togepi cause its the first promo I’ve gotten that’s gold

T: Best gold event?
The only one I’ve been to which is moltres

T: What was your first gold?
i think it was a gold golett

T: What has been your most valuable Pokémon here?
My darkrai’s and the golden arceus (don’t wanna go far in details; long story)

T: Any Pokémon you see appreciating?
Golden mew and tyrunt

T: Any Pokémon you see depreciating?
Golden ludicolo/lotad and golden bidoof (ARISE LORDS OF POKÉMON)

T: Any overrated Pokémon?
Gotta go with golden charm/jirachi

T: Any underrated Pokémon?
Regular legendaries but good ones, not ones like latias or lugia

T: Favorite video/online game?
Pokeheroes (idk if this is legal here lolz, if not put other pkmn rpg)

T: What’s your favorite animal?
Tortoise since I own some

T: Who’s your favorite staff member?
hmmmmmmm... aurora srry GD

T: Anyone you’d like to ban?
what a loaded question..... but I’ve learned to not hate anyone which makes it hard..... I wanna ban kak so GD gets ownership and I get mod HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
curiouser and curiouser ~Alice 1865 (Lewis Carroll)

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