Misterpokemon, the Infamous MissingNo.: T&LL Debonair #4
(The only infamous part about him is his love for Celebi)

Misterpokemon, ID 57, is a rather charming chat mod, who is reported to be very handsome? Well, he’s a trainer, an elite one, and has the pseudonyms of Dark Yagami and Map Pack and more! Here’s 17 Q&A’s!

T: What’s your favorite Pokémon?
MP: Celebi -- no not really it's probably Flygon

T: What’s your favorite color?
MP: Celebi -- no not really it's Green

T: What’s your favorite Pokémon generation?
MP: 3rd Gen

T: What’s you’re favorite subject?
MP: Math <3

T: What introduced you to PV?
MP: I met Kakashi at a party and he told me that he was making PV. I knew Kakashi for a while from TPPC so I decided to join PV after a while (y)

T: When did you first join?
MP: A few weeks, maybe a month, after the game released.

T: What was your first gold?
MP: GoldenJirachi :'(

T: What is your favorite PV “type?”
MP: Shiny pokemon, the colour schemes are always different and nice

T: What’s your favorite animal?
MP: Turtles and Tortoises. If I had to pick one, probably Tortoises

T: What Pokémon do you see appreciating?
MP: All kinds of Celebis. Most likely, GoldenMunchlax, GoldenEevee, GoldenStarters, GoldenRegigigas, GoldenSlakoth, Shiny Legends.

T: What Pokémon do you see depreciating?
MP: Everything that Johnny has lul
Probably GoldenArticuno, GoldenHeracross, ShinyRayquaza, DarkCharmander, GoldenVulpix, hopefully GoldenJirachi :'(

T: What is the most overrated Pokémon here?
MP: GoldenJirachi :'(

T: Most underrated?
MP: GoldenStarters, GoldenMunchlax, GoldenLotad, GoldenBeldum, probably a few others I can't remember

T: Any Pokémon goals?
MP: On PV train my GoldenSlaking and Giratina to 3k, get a GoldenJirachi. Otherwise I still gotta play all the pokemon games after 5th gen

T: Any real life goals?
MP: Upgrade my computer, find a co-op job, graduate university, hopefully start a company in a few years

T: Anyone you’d like to see return?
MP: I'd like clowns like Zarquad, Ayso, Scotty to come back from recently. Along with all the oldies like Zya, Mono, Deepak, Moh, Banga, DA, even Cheemigs. Especially Zya he was a fun guy to have around :'(

T: When will you trade Celebi U?
MP: It's always FT, just LF 14 GoldenJirachis for it

(A surprise early edition! Next one will be posted on the 13th! in June, my apologies)

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