T&LL Debonair
T&LL Debonair

Can I be honest? This was done for fun: 17 Q&A’s with a title that rhymes with Dragonair.

I’ve already asked users to find interest in interviews on discord, I’ll try to post once a week. If you’re interested in doing one, post or send me a message! I’ll be working on the queue, so it might take a bit till you get one.

Q&A Note:
There will be:
-few questions about PV (ex: Q’s econ, time here, etc)
-few preference questions (ex: favorite ...)
-few general Pokémon questions (ex: games or preferences)
-rest is randomness (ex: random Q based on persona/impressions)

Important! You don’t have to give an interview or answer all the questions, if it’s too weird or personal, just ask for a different one.

Notice! Feedback is wonderful. Whether it’s a comment about one of the answers, or suggestions for future Q&As, or a review, it’s nice to get a response. I’ll even ask the featured member to pick a top comment to be placed in the interview. Typos and mistakes are made, help would be fantastic!

Projected Interviews:
1. Jamezilla (on hold E5)
2. Mystery #1 (E6)
3. Mystery #2 (E7)
4. Mystery #3 (E8)

Past Interviews:
1. Gdeoxys (E1)
2. Gotchen (E2)
3. Hostage (E3)
4. Misterpokemon (E4)

-its pretty good (Y) you could have drilled down deeper though like asked "What is your mother's maiden name" like i mean we already know so much about each other regarding PV so it would be neat to learn other stuff I already knew GD liked disgusting pokemon even before he said Dark Scyther ~Mpk

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