Gotchen, King_Nothing3, etc: T&LL Debonair #2
While Gotchen joined over a year ago, he’s nothing like a noob according to many of the older players here. Gotchen is certainly free with his words and his languages, people admire him for his bluntness and great work ethic when it comes to games. Here’s 17 Q&A’s!

T: What’s you favorite Pokémon?
KoN: Haunter

T: What’s your greatest aspiration?
KoN: Be better than takr

T: What would be the first thing you would do as mod?
KoN: Add g rayquaza

T: How long have you been playing?
KoN: About a year and a half

T: What was your first Pokémon game?
KoN: Yellow

T: Which Pokémon is overrated here?
KoN: Jirachi

T: What is your favorite PV type of Pokémon?
KoN: Gold

T: Which event here has been the most epic?
KoN: 2017 New Years

T: What is your favorite color?
KoN: Magenta

T: Any members you’d like to see return?
KoN: Ayso

T: Which Pokémon here is underrated?
KoN: S ray

T: What is your training goal?
KoN: Be better than takr

T: Any poor trades made here?
KoN: None for me

T: Biggest mistake made since joining?
KoN: Evolving events and selling them

T: What is your favorite anime?
KoN: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

T: Who is your favorite staff member?
KoN: Kakashi

T: What is your favorite animal?
KoN: Bottle nose dolphin

Note: KoN=King of Nothing, Zarquad’s dub of Gotchen’s moniker.

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