Gdeoxys, GD, G, or Thugtrio: T&LL Debonair #1
Gdeoxys is the creator of PV’s discord and a supermod with admin powers. Like most users, he doesn’t go around flaunting facts about himself, but we all know he’s from Australia. Here are 17 Q&A’s!

T: When did you start PV?
GD: I joined in early 2012, but didn't start actually playing until just after the GoldenCharmander event. I only really got into pv because Zya was a mod at the time.

T: What is your favorite Pokémon?
GD: Kabutops - Funnily enough my username is after my second favourite pokemon Deoxys.

T: What is you favorite memory of PV?
GD: I have a few. Zarquad saying that he would never trade with Zya or I again always cracks me up. ThuG§ - enough said about that. Having my Pokemon Voyage awards contest idea turned into an actual event before I became staff is another one of my top memories on pv.

T: Which event was the most epic?
GD: I liked the GoldenRiolu/Regigigas event.

T: Who would you like to see return?
GD: Too many people to name. If I could only pick one then it would have to be Zya.

T: Which Pokémon do you see becoming more valuable?
GD: Any new (?) pokemon.

T: Which Pokémon do you see depreciating?
GD: AquaLugia. Lol

T: Which Pokémon is underrated?
GD: DarkScyther ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

T: Which Pokémon is overrated?
GD: ShinySquirtle

T: What is your favorite PV “type” of Pokémon?
GD: Dark

T: Which Pokémon game introduced you to the world of Pokémon?
GD: Pokemon Red. Yeah, I'm old.

T: What is your favorite online game?
GD: League of Legends.

T: Who is your favorite staff underling?
GD: I don't have any underlings.

T: What is your favorite animal?
GD: Echidna

T: What is your favorite color?
GD: Green

T: What should members do to celebrate your birthday in the future?
GD: Nothing. I appreciate Ark for making a thread though.

T: When will you trade G. Jirachi?
GD: When MPK makes a good offer.
Update: GDeoxys was known as G Deoxys or Golden Deoxys in the past. His newest username is “A Mod.”

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