My attempt at the hardest contest in all of pv
It’s a long and hard one and you must complete these steps to win the prize:gold tyrantrum

1. My movie: my movie Derp Squad vs Corrupted squad needs an ending, a good one, serious or funny, here are the characters: derp Squad: arceus fish, random lotad, and floppy magikarp——- Corrupted Squad: Ultra darkrai, Corrupted Alpha rayquaza, master of shadows giratina—- every step earns you points if you win that part that’ll add up to the winning points at the end just so you know.

Step 2: solve this riddle- I cause nightmares to anyone and it is my fun, however it is ruined by the hopes and dreams, the Pokémon shining bright like a beam, as well as a second Pokémon of passion and kind, in the flowers, hard to find, then the third and final one, the one of time but not space or time control, the guardian of not time itself, but of..... a place... what are my three enemies? No partial points for this, it’s all one whole

Step 3: never thought anyone could beat pvlived’s roster..... can you make it happen? Post a screenshot and send it to me privately, actually, only beat his scizor and it counts.

Step 4: has enough of my mind games? I am darkrai, meant to do that, I am full of tricks, but I will stop tortouring you with all these demands, but first, one last thing... I find it impressive you know my enemies, that you beat a level 4000 and that you make one heck of a movie ending but I do want one last thing...... tell me who my top favorite 3 people on pv are.... mods, regular people, and supermods included... after that you get a sweet reward... plus... more

Also.... being myself, a darkrai, I never did say bribing me to get info was not allowed.... hahaha.... I am a cunning one after all...

Updates: fixed any grammar errors plus you do get partial points if you figure out at least one of my enemies, also, work together, but not too much, your ally might also be your worst enemy. Also, for every step, as long as you did what it asked, you get points, but according to your performance. ONE LAST THING, I promise, you don’t have to give me your answers all at once, and if you feel that you are right and don’t want to post publicly, you can pm me on forums, rpg, or discord, your answers
I’ll toss step 2:
Cresselia, Shaymin, Giratina
I respond all your answers correct or incorrect privately on forums
Third one is probably Arceus
(01-20-2018, 02:57 PM)Thea Wrote:  I’ll toss step 2:
Cresselia, Shaymin, Giratina

You think Cresselia causes nightmares?
L. I (darkrai) cause nightmares, I am asking of my enemies
There is 1 problem with this contest, I won’t just give whoever gets the most points the prize(s), you MUST have AT LEAST 5+ points to win

Most possible points earnable: 12
David causes nightmares.

I legit had this dream the other day where I was stuck in a room with him. I don't know for how long though but it just seemed to go on and on. Most likely a couple of days. It was just him sitting there. Talking. Non-stop. Just kept yapping about darkrai and giratina. I never spoke a word. It was as if I couldn't speak. Alas the time had come. I had been rescued by a stupid Arceus Fish.

I have the weirdest dreams...
I blame you davif
Your welcome

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