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Rival Battle Guide
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"Look! These are Poké Balls! Let's battle using these! Eh...? Which one do you want then?"

Here is an easy step-by-step guide on how to defeat your Rival:
1.  Go to the Dusty Dunes Map on the PokemonVoyage RPG and catch 3-6 of the Pokemon Larvitar.     [Image: 2j60ad3.png]

2.  Train this Larvitar up until they evolve into Tyranitar at Level 110.   [Image: 23lnknd.png]

3.  Teach each of these Tyranitar the moves Rock Wrecker (Rock) and Foul Play (Dark).

4.  Set your roster to include however many Tyranitar you want, keeping in mind to not have any other Pokemon of higher level in your party because this will increase the difficulty of fighting Barry.

5.  Now just click around the RPG, search maps, do whatever.

6.  Eventually you will see a yellow bar pop up near the top of the screen, this is Barry challenging you to battle!

7.  Defeat Barry, each Pokemon your rival uses are weak to one of Tyranitar's moves.

8.  Rinse, repeat, profit!  Each time you defeat Barry there is a small chance of obtaining a Legendary Pokemon!  You also have a chance at a few achievements...

Written by Ayso 12/14/2017
[Image: 034.gif]Nidoking, does not approve.

Stuck and do not know how to get started?  Check out the Beginner's Guide on the PokemonVoyage Wiki

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