Anyone have any tips to defeat Viridian City
Anyone have any tips to defeat Viridian City. I need a team to do so cause I cant find any.
Look at what pokemon they have, and train up a team to like 300-320. Should be a piece of cake.
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Blue right? I would use a team of:
Flying: Pelipper
Steel: Metagross
Pyschic: Claydol
Rock: Tyranitar
Ground: Mamoswine
Electric: Electivire
Of course, you would probably rather get a few sweepers instead of building a whole team, Ice/Psychic Jynx for the first three, and Rock/Dark tyranitar for the last three would also workBig Grin

Viridian City Gym
Gym Leader: Blue BlueFull.png
Badge: Earth 8.gif
Level Limit: 325
Gym Speciality: No specialty
Pokemon Team:
Exeggutor ♂ (Level: 316)
Rhydon ♂ (Level: 316)
Machamp ♂ (Level: 316)
Gyarados ♂ (Level: 320)
Arcanine ♂ (Level: 320)
Pidgeot ♂ (Level: 322)
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ok thx

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