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Post a Pokemon Voyage meme using the expanding brain meme template. 

Here's one website you can use to make it (but you can use whatever you want):

If you want to use other varieties of the template (with different brain expansions), that's fine too. My favourite one will win a GoldenMeowth ♂ (Level: 4).
A? So one entry per user/person?

Okay. Not the most creative/original, but a ‘lil effort was exerted
New: [Image: 1ytl0x.jpg]
curiouser and curiouser ~Alice 1865 (Lewis Carroll)
Yeah, one per person. You can change it as many times as you want though, just update your post.

Sorry I don’t know how to post it here so I put the link for mine
I look for things that are very different from my life, and that are curious and idiosyncratic to me. And then, I like to find if I'm able, just a little bit, to step into a world that I know very little about. That's great fun.

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You guys should look up some examples to see how to use the meme. Just Google "expanding brain meme."
Lol. I see know it’s supposed to work now. Thanks!
curiouser and curiouser ~Alice 1865 (Lewis Carroll)
[Image: 1ytvnp.jpg]via Imgflip Meme Generator

I call it, A Day in the Life of Takr
[Image: 034.gif]Nidoking, does not approve.

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Last chance to get your entries in.
Poptart and emo are the only ones who seem to understand how to use the template. Emos is by far the best, but most people won't understand the reference so I'll give you both a Meowth. Enjoy.

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