temp rates? "Adding "x" System"
Ever since I came back to play PokemonVoyage  the number one question that gets ask around the most is "what is that worth?".

With the help of Emorox I have rated every single Pokemon on my thread so others get an idea what stuff goes for on PV. I took demand, old Pokemon, popular Pokemon, & rarity into consideration when making these rates for the Pokemon. Therefore, I believe most rates but not all are accurate to the PV market for trading.  How would I know you may ask? Well, before leaving and not playing for a while the G.Hera system instead of this "adding" temp system was quite popular with the people from PV and accurate. Both of these systems were easy to use and gave players flexibility to rate their own Pokemon to the best of their will. The rates are used to get trades going and helping out new players from getting ripped off. I really do hope people start to make more offers and get more trades done. Cause the last 6 trades I made fools I had to make every single offer since they had no idea what went for what. Totally not fun.


GoldenScyther ♀ (Level: 3450) 10-13x (15-18x with level)
GoldenMew (Level: 1600) 0.75x ( 1-1.25x with level)
GoldenSnorlax ♂ (Level: 1500) 3.5x (4x with level)
GoldenHeracross ♂ (Level: 1400)1.5x (1.75x with level)
GoldenMagikarp ♂ (Level: 1400) 1x (1.25x with level)
GoldenMewtwo (Level: 1400) 2-2.5x (2.25-2.75x with level)

Untouchable Rares:
ShinyHo-Oh (Level: 100) 2-2.5x
DarkHo-Oh (Level: 4) 2-2.5x
ShinyJirachi (Level: 4)5-6x
ShinyMew (Level: 100) 6x
DarkMew (Level: 5) 0.25-0.5x
ShinyMewtwo (Level: 100)2-2.5x
DarkMewtwo (Level: 100) 1.75-2x
ShinyMoltres (Level: 105)4-5x
DarkUmbreon ♂ (Level: 4)8-11x
ShinyZapdos (Level: 100) 2x

Rare (?)'s
ShinyBulbasaur (?) (Level: 4) 9-10x
DarkChikorita (?) (Level: 4)7-8x
Dratini (?) (Level: 5) 3x
DarkTotodile (?) (Level: 4)7-8x

GoldenEevee Set:
GoldenEevee ♂ (Level: 5) (LF one)
GoldenEevee ♀ (Level: 5) 1-1.25x
GoldenFlareon ♂ (Level: 1000)1x
GoldenJolteon ♂ (Level: 1000) 1x
GoldenVaporeon ♀ (Level: 1000)1x
GoldenGlaceon ♀ (Level: 1000)1x
GoldenLeafeon ♂ (Level: 1000) 1x
GoldenEspeon ♀ (Level: 1000)1x
GoldenUmbreon ♂ (Level: 1000)1x

Top Golds:
GoldenArticuno (Level: 1000) 0.75x          
GoldenBeldum (Level: 5) 2-2.5x (1.5-2x for nonbase)
GoldenBeldum (?) (Level: 1000) 7-8x
GoldenHeracross ♂ (Level: 4) 2-2.5x
GoldenHeracross ♂ (Level: 1400) 1.5x (1.75x with level)
GoldenJirachi (Level: 4)10-15x
GoldenMagikarp (?) (Level: 5) 5-6x
GoldenMeowth ♀ (Level: 5) 2.5-3x
GoldenMew (Level: 1600) 0.75x (1.25x with level)
GoldenMewtwo (Level: 1400) 2x-2.5x (2.25-2.75x with level)
GoldenRegigigas (Level: 83) 3x
GoldenScyther ♀ (Level: 3470) 10-13x (15-18x with level)
GoldenShinx ♀ (Level: 5)      2.5x  
GoldenSlakoth ♂ (Level: 5) (LF for one)2x
GoldenSnorlax ♂ (Level: 1500) 3.5x (4x with level)
GoldenSpiritomb ♀ (Level: 50) 2.5-3x
GoldenTotodile ♂ (Level: 4) 6x

GoldenAbsol ♂ (Level: 5)  0.75x        
GoldenAipom ♂ (Level: 5) 1x
GoldenAipom ♀ (Level: 5)1x
GoldenBidoof ♀ (Level: 5) 0.25x
GoldenCarbink (Level: 5) 0.5x
GoldenCharmander ♂ (Level: 5)  1x        
GoldenDeino ♂ (Level: 100)   0.75x                              
GoldenDitto (Level: 5) 0.75x
GoldenGolett (Level: 5) 0.25x
GoldenGrowlithe ♂ (Level: 5)0.75x
GoldenGrowlithe ♀ (Level: 15) 1x
GoldenHoundour ♂ (Level: 5) 0.25x
GoldenKeldeo (Level: 5) 1x
GoldenLarvitar ♂ (Level: 5) 0.75x
GoldenLarvitar ♀ (Level: 5) 0.75x
GoldenLotad ♂ (Level: 5) 0.5x
GoldenMachop ♂ (Level: 5) 0.5x
GoldenMagikarp ♂ (Level: 1400) 1x (1.25x with level)
GoldenMagikarp ♀ (Level: 5) 1x
GoldenMienfoo ♂ (Level: 5) 1.25x
GoldenPhantump ♂ (Level: 5) 0.5x
GoldenPorygon (Level: 5) 0.5x
GoldenRiolu ♂ (Level: 5) 1x
GoldenRottom (Level: 5) 0.5x
GoldenStaryu (Level: 100) 0.5x
GoldenTyrunt ♂ (Level: 5) 0.5x

Nice (?)'s:
ShinyHoundour (?) (Level: 5) 1-1.25x
AquaSableye (?) (Level: 5) 0.5-0.75x

AquaVaporeon ♀ (Level: 1337) 

Rare Shiny/Dark Legends:
DarkArticuno (Level: 5) 0.75x
ShinyDeoxys (N) (Level: 100)1.5-2.5x
ShinyDialga (Level: 50) 0.75x
ShinyEntei (Level: 50) 0.5x
DarkMeloetta (Level: 5) 
DarkMeloetta (P) (Level: 5)
ShinyPalkia (Level: 50) 0.75x
ShinyRaikou (Level: 50) 0.75-1x
ShinyShaymin (Level: 100)0.25x
DarkShaymin (Level: 100) 0.25x
ShinyZekrom (Level: 5)
ShinyZekrom (Level: 5)

Shiny/Dark/Aqua/Magma rares:
ShinyAbsol ♂ (Level: 1000) 0.5x 
DarkCyndaquil ♂ (Level: 4) 0.25x
ShinyGastly ♂ (Level: 5) 0.5x
ShinyHeracross ♂ (Level: 148) 1x
MagmaHoundour ♀ (Level: 50)3.5-5x
DarkLarvitar ♂ (Level: 5) 0.25x
DarkMachop ♂ (Level: 5) 0.25x
DarkMeowth ♂ (Level: 50)2-3x
ShinyMiltank ♀ (Level: 1600)0.5-0.75x (1-1.25x with level)
ShinyPichu ♀ (Level: 80) 0.25x
DarkShroomish ♀ (Level: 5) 0.25x
ShinySnorlax ♂ (Level: 50) 0.5x
ShinyTotodile ♂ (Level: 647) 0.25x
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Noice, this is what i meant, ppl dont know what to trade or how to trade. If we have a system its easier to trade.
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