A few small updates
A new map has been made available to players who have defeated the Elite 4. This map only contains legendary Pokemon, and they're not super easy to find. That being said, a small percent of the legendary Pokemon available are also (?) gendered, which would make them even rarer! If you've defeated the Elite 4, the map should show up in your maps list here. Otherwise, simply defeat the elite 4 to unlock the map.

I've also made 4 new training accounts available. Their trainer IDs are, 10, 22, 52, and 32, and the levels of Blisseys are 1500, 2000, 2500, and 3000. Hopefully this allows for easier training once you start hitting those nice high levels.
Some other minor updates:

- Each click on the legendary map now costs $10,000
- Gilbert's lab has some new functionality. It's particularly useful if you have a higher level Pokemon, but it sucks at training (e.g. a non-fighting type Pokemon). Each try on the machine still costs $1,000,000.
- Some other secret ways of receiving (?) Pokemon have also been made available. You'll have to find them yourself though. I won't be giving any hints.
To add on to the Gilbert's lab changes, please be very careful when using it. Although the chances are low, you may end up with a completely different Pokemon.
Feel free to PM me about anything concerning the rpg, forums or chat.

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