Create Your Own Pokemon Region!
First came the Kanto Region. Next we had Johto. Then Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos, Alola, and...

Well, what comes next? That's for you to decide!

In this contest, I'm looking for ideas for an 8th Generation of Pokemon. Your entries must include the following:

- The names of both games which your region is featured in
- The region's name
- The professor's name
- The name of your villainous team + their leader
- A description of the three starter Pokemon (describe what exactly they are, what their special traits and abilities are, etc.)
- A description of at least two other new Pokemon from your region (describe what exactly they are, what their special traits and abilities are, etc.). You may come up with descriptions for more than two Pokemon if you wish.
- Images to go along with the descriptions are optional, but if you use them, they MUST be your own. Otherwise, your entry will be disqualified.


1st Place: ShinyOshawott ♂ (Level: 4) + 2x GoldenGolett (Level: 5) + 1x AquaCharmander (Level: 5)
2nd Place: ShinyOshawott ♂ (Level: 4) + GoldenGolett (Level: 5) + 1x MagmaArticuno (Level: 10)

One entry per person. You may also edit your entries if necessary. Be creative and have fun!

This contest will end September 18th.
[Image: vrbnmf.jpg]
-Thanks Danielmorris1993
The names of both games which your region is featured in
Pokemon Hym
Pokemon Hum

- The region's name
Hipoar Region

- The professor's name

- The name of your villainous team + their leader
Team: Double Ex El
Leader: Tentacion

Team: Mumblap
Leader: Young Thug

- A description of the three starter Pokemon (describe what exactly they are, what their special traits and abilities are, etc.)

Name: Uzivert
Type: Dark Water
Ability: Shed Skin

Name: Kodaku
Type: Dark Grass
Ability: Rain Dish

Name: Yachtitu
Type: Dark Fire
Ability: Prankster

- A description of at least two other new Pokemon from your region (describe what exactly they are, what their special traits and abilities are, etc.). You may come up with descriptions for more than two Pokemon if you wish.

Name: Uzivert
Description: This Pokemon is said to change bead colors based on its mood, it can also change its fur to match its environment.

Name: Kodaku
Description: This Pokemon has the ability to absorb energy and fire it through its eyes and mouth making it pitch black when it's active, it is said to be true beauty while hibernating.

Name: Yachitu
Description: Just like its cousins Uzivert and Kodaku, Yachitu speaks in a very low pitch however when it wants it can cry out causing confusion of its attackers.
[Image: lucario-mega.gif]
"Put your katanas down, ya buncha wussies""
 Kanto Familia
Game Names: Oriental and Medieval
This region may have modern technology such as phones, and other conveniences, but the people who live here favor living in the past. The ruling class is composed of lords and ladies, and the Supreme Emperor/Empress is a title achieved by defeating all the other lords and ladies. Unlike some feudal systems, classes are not set in stone, many are willing to stay as peasants, while others lack talent, but it is possible to advance. A greater battler can rise up, and gain titles after titles in Pokémon battles. Unlike most games, Oriental and Medieval favor a Lord or Lady of each type of Pokémon, totaling at 17 badges available. Each teaches their elements religiously, and often have influential roles in the ruling class.

Region name: Ravenko
Ravenko is named for its rolling black land, from dark colored tree, to black grass. Even the sky here has a dark tint, which the sun and moon contrast against greatly. Still, as the games' names imply, Ravenko had beautifully designed buildings, tasteful, and capable of lasting centuries. In fact, the Dragon, Fighting, Psychic, and Earth gyms have managed to withstand two and a half centuries of existence. Other gyms are more modern, and have state of art technology involved, and are frequently renovated.

Professor: Professor Tsuga
He's definitely a bit quirky, and is quite a cynic. He's busy with investigating the powers of Pokémon, and the link between spirituality and the elements. Professor Tsuga can be deadly, like the tree he's name after, but he is usually a handsome lord willing to lend a hand to those in need. He was once Supreme Emperor, but gave up gave up his throne to devote himself to studying Pokémon. He offers exactly three starters each year, for other beginners, he helps them catch a traditional Pokémon, the three starters he offers are extremely good for journeying across this region.

Villainous Team: Witzry
This team follows Agatha in believing that psychics should rule the world, since they have telekinesis, and other abilities that regular people lack. They believe they have better insight into the world since they are given powers from birth. They hope to create a perfect world by controlling others, and having the public's support.

Leader: Agatha
She is the leader of the bad of psychics, and can best anyone in her organization without lifting a hand. She is often unpredictable, and can even be cruel. For the most part, she is a misguided child. Unlike her many followers, she is only 16, a few years older than beginning trainers who are 12.
Hero & Heroine: Alexander and Katherine
Alexander and Katherine are twins! Alexander lives with their mother, while Katherine lives with their father, the result of a dispute. Both are bright, and ambitious children, having decided to become emperor or empress, however, only one of them can succeed. Their family may be poor, but their charisma and capability for success have caught the eye of Prof. Tsuga, who has agreed to sponsor them with both a Pokedex and one of the rare starters he distributes.

Rival: Altair
Altair is the young hero(ine)’s rival during their time at the academy, managing to occasionally outscore them. She is equally ambitious, but less charismatic. Her family is quite influential, allowing her secure one of the Prof.’s highly desired starters. She favors strong and draconic Pokemon, and is known to cause trouble with peasants.

Starter Pokemon:
Grass—Tsunsa: a grass type Pokemon that happens to be endangered. These tough grass Pokemon are able to withstand chilling temperatures, and are loyal to the death to their friends. Grass type. Overgrow
Tsunda: The evolution of Tsunsa, Tsunda has a larger horn than its pre-evolution, icy spikes have begun to emerge and protrude from its body. Its breathe reaches below -10 degrees Celsius, allowing it to preserve food. Grass ice type. Overgrow
Tsundria: The final evolution of Tsunsa, this beast despite its bulky body is able to reach 30 km/h when sprinting. The spikes have finished growing, and are a fine weapon against aerial predators. Extremely proud and territorial, do not approach in the wild. Grass/ice type. Overgrow

Fire—Huorin: a fire type Pokemon that happens to be extremely rare. These creatures happen to be shy, and live in lava, they are notorious for running away from trainers who capture then. However, if one manages to befriend one, they become bolder. Fire type. Blaze
Huovlin: The evolution of Hourin, Huovlin’s horns and a beginning of a moustache are growing in. In this stage, they are extremely forward, stealing and setting blazes as they please. Fire type. Blaze
Huoqi: The final evolution of Huorin, this fierce horned creature is extremely quick, catching sight of this beast sprinting through volcanoes, on top of lava otherwise, is supposed to bring luck of either kind. Fire/Ground type. Blaze

Water—Riwave: a water type Pokemon that happens to be extremely elusive. Out of water, it is visible, be when in contact with water, its scales manage to blend in. It is very slippery and quick, but with time, it can be a loyal companion. Water type. Torrent
Rilash: The evolution of Riwave, Rilash has begun to grow wings and armor. Its armor is a dark blue color unable to camouflage, but it used to ram into prey and attack foes. Even as a toothless lizard, its jaws manage to crush metal. Water type. Torrent
Rishami: The final evolution of Riwave, this winged lizard has strong wings that manage to lift its body even with the large amount of water stored in its body and its heavy armor. It was blast water as fast as it swims through water—75 km/h, though its flying speed is very low. These beasts will not likely engage people in fights, but still manages to be a threat if its nest or young are involved. Water/Flying type. Torrent

Shunao: a psychic and water bird who flies with its psychic power shifting the air around it. Shunao are known to champion causes for only those with the purest minds. A single feather from its body can cure diseases of mind. A single song from it is able to whole region to sleep, but a sharp shrill from it can call legendary birds from foreign lands to defend those under its guidance. Ability: Telepathy

Heartia: a dark and fire lion like beast whose hind legs are strong enough to propel jumps across small islands. Heartia will only follow leaders who have the bravest hearts in the land. A shard from its fangs cam regenerate missing limbs and fix almost any physical injuries. Its roars summon beasts from faraway lands to join battles. Ability: Telepathy.

Axis, you didn't say we have to do all edits on the forums, so I created a presentation with all the art I made and descriptions and stuff:
Thanks for the contest too! This one involved creativity, and had us use both art and writing. It was a lot of fun.
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- The names of both games which your region is featured in
Poke'mon Maroon & Poke'mon Turquoise

- The region's name
Arslonia (Are-Sloan-ia)

- The professor's name
Professor Oak (Gary Oak that is, after becoming one of the most well known playboy Pokemon trainers Gary decides he has the desire to know more about how to make Pokemon exceed their limits and with this follows in his grandfathers footsteps in a new region becoming an unconventional professor.)

- The name of your villainous team
Quantanium (A group of scientist that have been shamed and now devote their studies to the evolution of Pokemon or more accurately the combining of Pokemon to force them into exceeding previously recorded stats and giving birth to aqua as well as magma forms. They pride themselves on their greatest creation which is reforming zekrom and reshiram back into one being that can contest even ultra beasts.)

- + their leader
Triage (While the group has no leader there are 3 exceptional scientists that the group as a whole Idolizes. Karista, The Scientist who created the formula for creating Magma Pokemon, her pride and joy being a Magma Teddiursa which she would later give to the main character once he sees a Pokemon's true beauty while witnessing your elegance in several battles. Karista became a scientist in order to study true beauty which after years of research drives her insane to the point that she no longer thinks things in this world can be seem as beautiful. Magma Pokemon are rare finds in the game Pokemon maroon. Aperius, The scientist who created the formula for creating Aqua Pokemon. He is the more erratic one of the three, rather then caring for logic or appearance he focuses all his studies on the pursuit of conquest and power. His star Pokemon is the one and only Aqua Articuno, after many failed attempts at creating the aqua stat boost he applied it to the legend that he stole from a trainer at his research lab causing his shaming. Aperius Abandons his Pokemon in the later game after the eighth gym leader tips you and the authorities off on his location, in a frantic attempt to flee upon his defeat at your hands. Aqua Pokemon are rare finds in the wild for the game Pokemon Turquoise. Colress, After his studies in the alolan region has finished he finds himself in Arslonia to see what new developments this region will have to offer. While he was never shamed the way the others where he does join with them to see where their outlandish research has gotten them. Colress is responsible for the reuniting of Zekrom and Rashiram, which he does simply to make the Pokemon whole. Post game he deems you a worthy trainer to nurture this Pokemon back into feeling whole before he leaves the region in the pursuit of science as well as wanting to be long gone before the group discovers he gave away their most prized Pokemon.

- A description of the three starter Pokemon (describe what exactly they are, what their special traits and abilities are, etc.)
Cubina Type: Fire/Psychic
Special Move: Mystic Blossom

Abilities: Flash Fire, Hidden Ability: Drought

Description: An mystic looking Pokemon wearing a cloak and mask stolen from homes. this Pokemon has a long smooth tail and beak like snout the often fumes smoke. It has black talons for claws and a soft orange tone on its under side when you see it under the cloak.

Evolution line:Its starting form appears to be a frog like Pokemon with a dark purple cape that forms from the skin on the base of its neck.
Liephart Type: Water/Electric

Special Move: Super Condution
Abilities: Torrent, Hidden Ability: Drizzle
Description: A yellow cheetah like creature that has aqua blue spots. It has blades the come from it's shoulders running along the length of its body forming a small silver visor where they meet in front of it's eyes. It's tail makes jagged movements and has the appearance of striking lightning, branching off into several smaller tails.
Evolution line: It's starting form resembles a yellow kitten that is soaking wet with one blue spot on each shoulder. It's tail shows a 2 smaller tails coming off the main tail it different spots.
Dourdri Type: Grass/ Ice
Special Move: Frost Sap
Abilities: Overgrow,  Hidden Ability: Snow Cloak
Description: A large mole looking Pokemon made completely out of ice, its outer layer appears smooth and can be seen through to the core. on each forearm and shin it has a giant shield like leaf with a frost blue tip.
Evolution line: It's starting form looks a lot like the sapling from Zelda ocarina of time however it is a light blue color with small ears on it's head rather then a plant. It has over sized seeds held in each of it's nubby hands.

- A description of at least two other new Pokemon from your region (describe what exactly they are, what their special traits and abilities are, etc.). You may come up with descriptions for more than two Pokemon if you wish.
Yurich-Type: Electric Grass
Abilities: Static  Hidden ability: Contrary
Description:The common forest Pokemon for these games. it appears to be a bright blue ball of electricity, it's sparks that meet with plant life make the plant an extension of it's own body which often causes it to resemble more of a tree that has a glowing blue eye. Because of it's appearance little kids are often scared of the forest and will not venture in even though this Pokemon is a gentle soul towards humans.
Evolution line: This Pokemon only has one prior stage which it the ball of electricity it's self. It does not start with it's grass typing and is a more rare find in the forest. They are often called pixies when spotted among the trees in base form. 
Peekma-Type: Water/Fire
Abilities: Flame body Hidden Ability: Rain dish
Description:This Pokemon which it rarely found at see or in the desert areas recently began to populate the area, given birth by Quantanium's experiments to fuse together a wingull (Peeko has to do with the origin of the name.) and a slugma. Due to it's adaptability they quickly found mates in the wild upon release and now are classified as actual Pokemon. This Pokemon has the shape of a wingull with a beak made of dripping magma and a small shell on it's back that it's wings now span from.
Evolution line: It's evolve form (Malipper) Appears as a Pelipper however it's shell is now fully grown diving it's silhouette an almost round shape. It's beak rather then dripping lava is an actual beak steaming with over flowing lava from the edges.

The game it loosely based on red and blue taking place further down the timeline. More to come with editing...

The forums are changing sizes and messing with some of my bolding so I have to try to solve that issue still.
8th Region:
Two Pokemon Games:
Pokemon Thugs
Pokemon Gangster

Region Name:
HippityHoppy Yo

Professor Name:
Professor Hood Masta

Villian Team/Leader:
Villian Team Name: Big Monstas
Leader: A.M.A(yes thats literally the leaders name)  

Starter Pokemon:
1. Name: 3 Chainz
    Type: Steel/Gangster
    Ability: Friendly Hire

2. Name: Prankz
    Type: Dark/Thug
    Ability: Its just a Prank Bro

3. Name: Smooth Criminal
    Type: Gangster/Psychic
    Ability: Escape Death

Two Other Pokemon:
1. Name: Meme Machine
    Type: Thug/Normal
    Ability: Meme Shutdown

    Name: Snoop Dogg
    Type: Gangster
    Ability: Koffing and Weezing Summoner (All Koffing and Weezing from both party and box prevent Snoop Dogg from taking damage)
The day where it got epic:
Pokemon Voyage IDs: 4 and 18
The names of both games which your region is featured in.

- Pokemon Straya
- Pokemon Zealandia

The region's name
- Oceania

The professor's name
- Professor Arvo

The name of your villainous team + their leader
- The Drongos
The Drongos are led by their notorious leader Dazza.
The Drongos are not very intelligent people but have a wide variety of resources at their disposal. Over the years they have had many leader and many different goals.
Its new focus, under the leadership of Dazza, is to capture and exploit rare and strong Pokemon solely for the use of entertainment whether that be fighting, trolling and even torturing. 

3 starters
- Mozzie
The mozzie is a bug type Pokemon that can live in almost any environment, with the exception of extreme cold weather. They're most likely to be found in forests, swamps or open fields and meadows. Mozzies have the unique ability of being able to drain the life force of their foes upon contact - unfortunately rock type pokemon are immune to this ability due to their hard exterior. 
- Taratara
The elusive taratara is a rock and grass type Pokemon that thrive in both mountainous and forest environments. These lizards can live up to 200 years and grow up to 5 metres in length. The Taratara although being rather slow can dodge almost any attack by curling into a ball and roll away. The spikes along their tails allow them to deal a devastating blow to their enemies.
- Churrk
The Churrk is water type pokemon that spends all its time in the ocean. This beast can reach up to 60km/h and uses its razor sharp teeth to attack its enemies. The Churrk was heightened senses which allows it to hear and smell approaching Pokemon well before they can see them. Although very deadly these Pokemon are usually rather relaxed, spending their time basking in warmer waters. 

[Image: 5c17073fc75fa9a735e10062f9a5c5e1.png]

2 other pokemon
- Sparky is an electric type pokemon that spends most of its time eating bickies. This Pokemon builds up electricity by rubbing it's fur against rocks and trees and can store this charge in their body for 3 days before having to discharge. This Pokemon always carries around a roll of electrical tape which is believed to fix any and all problems.
- Chook
The chook is a flying type bird pokemon. This one of the dumbest pokemon there are. If it weren't for the chook's ability to fly, dig and cut they wouldn't have survived. Because the chook can fly, dig and cut humans have helped this pokemon from the brink of extinction. They are now one of the most widely abundant Pokemon found in the Oceania region.
After looking at the entries, here are the two winners:

First place: Thea
Second place: Tonezy

All of these entries were really solid, and I'd like to thank everyone for participating. Prizes will be sent to the winners' accounts shortly. Be on the lookout for future contests!
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-Thanks Danielmorris1993
Sweet thanks axis
Congrats to the winners.

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