I'm the Daycare Man. Do you know about eggs?(Ended)
Well, I've got an egg of my own. My girlfriend and I aren't sure where it came from, but we've decided to raise it. To celebrate, I'll be having a 2 part contest. 

In roughly a month we will be finding out the gender. For part 1, all everyone has to do is guess if they think it will be a ♂ or ♀. First part of the message must be your guess, after that, feel free to say what you like in your post. 1 post per person. Contest ends after we get the gender roughly a month from now, then part two will be posted shortly after. Prize is TBA.

The date we have set to find the gender is set for September 14th(roughly 2 weeks). If we can get some more people to enter, I may make the the prize pool a little better.
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I'm going to go with a lil boy.

My friends recently had a baby boy of their own so why not stick too the theme lol

And again, congratulations!
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Did all of you just assume its gender? o.O brave souls.

No, but seriously congrats Scott and for my guess I am thinking it will be ♀
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I was waiting for a comment like that james and a tranny joke as well XD
Female. Then your household will consist of three girls. :)
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Congratulations bro :)
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