Training Gyms
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Training gyms are the easiest way to level up your pokemon and beat the gyms. Also, 1k+ leveled Pokémon are also considered semi valuable in trading. Beating Happinys, Chanseys, and Blisseys also can be profitable since you earn a decent amount of money with each knock out.

Since the wiki is down, I have decided to list as many gyms as I can to help those who never bothered to memorize them. Below are 11 gyms that FrenchFlute4 posted, and after the quote, I have listed four other gyms that can be used for training.

After defeating 1000 happinys, chanseys, and blisseys, you will be awarded a Lucky Egg which makes training easier.

Using a fighting type Pokemom makes defeating these normal types easier.

On Icy Ice Cave, Chronic Cavern, and Wandering Waters (maps), you have a chance to meet a shady man (Giovanni) and buy an item. This item is either an exp. share, share exp. with Pokémon not leading, or amulet coin, double your earnings by attaching to lead Pokémon.

Quote:20073 -- LV. 5
20100 -- LV. 20
20147 -- LV. 50
20148 -- LV. 80
20090 -- LV. 100
20149 -- LV. 150
21917 -- LV. 200
56639 -- LV. 250
23304 -- LV. 300
106591 -- LV. 400
52871 -- LV. 500
66040 -- LV. 600
30 -- LV. 810
551 -- LV 1000 - 1358
72 -- 1500 - 1585
690 -- 1600 - 3000

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Here's a bit more advice, dear friends, fighting types are great for beating normal types. I know I have already mentioned this, but fighting types do amazing in training gyms. Pokemon like Machamp, Lucario, Poliwrath, Medicham, Gallade, Breeloom, Throh and Meinshao can all be obtained from the maps. Yes, the place where you click around, allows you to find these fantastic monsters and defeat those pesky normal types for rivers of exp. Below is a list of specific maps and Pokémon:
Chronic Cave: Machop
Dusty Dunes: Throh
Wandering Waters: Poliwag
Undecided Ulterior: Ralts, Riolu, Meinfoo, Meditite
Aimless Amazon: Shroomish

Fighting types ranked by stats:
All Pokémon by stats:

Legends seem to be very popular. You want to know how to get one? Well, it's simple. Either beat all the gyms and spend hours on the maps... Or catch a team of Drudiggons from Chronic Cave, train them to the same level, set their moves to Roar of Time, and beat your smug rival Barry down until he gives you that Mewtwo or Rayquazza. And guess what? There are more legendaries than those two available, happy hunting!

The Achievment Shop and beating gyms, E4, and Champions Tournament also gives you a little something ;)

Best moves:

The kind user who provided locations was-- emorox!
The creative user who found a way to beat Barry was Dragonmaster!
The generous user who gave the IDs was FrenchFlute4
The amazing moves person Bangaloorean
And the dear Creator of this website was Kakashi!
Please send them messages of praise and thanks! You're amazing ;)
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