1. When creating a guild, give it a proper introduction. Do not make one line guilds, they will be locked or deleted.
2. Do not trade in this section.
3. If your guild has a contest, run it in the Contest Section, not here.
4. Do not flame with other guilds, or within your own guild.
5. Do not advertise your guild by spamming other threads.
6. Keep your guild appropriate for all ages.
7. The founder/creator of the guild has the right to not allow you into his/her guild and to ask you to leave the thread.
8. Stay POLITE. If you are denied when attempting to join a guild, do not start raging.
9. Do not bad mouth other guilds.
10. Do not directly compare your guild to another specific one. This includes posting "We're better than The ___ Guild!", but does not include posting "We're the best guild!"
11. This section is basically a place to let your spam out. However guilds made for the sole purpose of spamming will be locked.

Friendly competition between guilds is allowed.

For a complete list of the rules and regulations of Pokemon Voyage, click here.

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