T&LL: Pokemon Trivia
Ash was supposed to have Clefairy as his starter
There is a protein named after Pikachu
Pokemon Sun and Moon will only have 10 new Pokemon
The anime show have 3 episodes cancelled due to the 9/11 attack
The anime episode Electric Soldier Porygon caused many seizure in Japan
Arbok is Kobra spelled backwards and Ekans is Snake spelled backwards
AtricUNO, ZapaDOS, and MolTRES help you count to three in Spanish
In Red and Blue, the only dragon type attack was Dragon Rage
Rhydon was the first Pokemon created
When you evolve an Azurill, there is 1/3 chance of a gender change
Pokemon comes from Pokect Monsters, but was almost called capsule monsters.

Want to share any fun PokéTrivia?
Poliwag's swirl changes direction when it evolves into Poliwhirl.
Decades ago Pokemon company announced to launch Pokemon GO,instead they started other Pokemon games.

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