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T&LL: Pokemon Sun and Moon!
No has made a thread, so why not? It's been out since February that this 2016 holiday will have a new Pokemon game, however, no game footage has been revealed. Any expectations for this game? It might actually be good- not a lot of info leaked either.
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I think Nintendo should have a game with all regions combined. I'm not sure how they'd have gameplay set up for levels, but I think it would be amazing to be able to travel to all and it's a long overdue idea so here's hoping sun/moon has that.
And more mega evolutions I'm sure are in the works, maybe Ninetales will have one! So yea I'm kinda excited, funny though since I haven't even finished my run through of Y or OR.
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I finished both games pretty quickly, wish I could reset my Soul Silver for the nolgista, but my game has a bunch of memories I wouldn't lose for the world. I made friends with the game and great memories, and when someone else reseted my game, the first time, I was crushed. In real life, I didn't have the best of friends, and my Pokemon were my friends in a way, and I was more proud that my in game accomplishments that the real life things I did.

Edit: Anyone see the Pokemon Go clip? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ylW_NL5a-wc
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Not really excited for it.But waiting  for Pokemon GO.
Not excited anymore, just saw the new Pokemon. They're running out of ideas. Started and Legends are horrible. Still getting the game. I like the Sun legend better... But the Moon logo is blue. Yuck.
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I sorta like mimikyu
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I almost cried after reading about it the first time.
I personally am not thrilled about the new game. I saw the new starters and they look just horrible. Plus it will probably not have that much new stuff and maybe just like AS & OR. They should, yes, try something like they did with the games Silver & Gold with combining regions again.
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They recently announced some new forms and new pokemon.Any comments?

P.S.Alola form Eggsecutor looks horrible.
I like the ice-vulpix and ice-ninetales, I might actually get the game now. <3
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