Need a legendary pokemon in XY/ORAS?
Hello, I play X/Y/OR/AS and I have been playing since gen 4. Starting in 5th gen, I noticed online how difficult it was to get most legendary pokemon, mew, celebi, arceus, meloetta, etc. I made it a point to get at least 1 legit of every legendary pokemon in the book [at that point, which was articuno--genesect]. When the notion of transfer arose, I got a little worried. I didn't want to permanently lose the friendship that I had built with the pokemon in one game, and what if something went wrong with the transfer process? or I later lost the new game? That was when I carefully researched cloning, to make an exact copy of all the pokemon I wanted to transfer before transferring. After I transferred the ones I wanted, I realized that a copy of a legit pokemon makes a second legit pokemon, and if I could transfer one copy, I could transfer several, over and over again. Immediately, I filled my pc with 15 of every legendary articuno to genesect, both shiny and non. each passes successfully through transfer, proving legitimacy.

Once my pc was full of them, I reached out in many places as I could to try and let people know: since I have as many as I'll ever need, I trade them away free [for zigzagoons/fletchlings/anything you easily find].

Please keep in mind:
--there will be several people wanting some from other places/websites
--the size of a pc [please don't ask for 100, or 50, or 20, of every one. I don't want to have to place a limit.] -.o
--I'm not always fully stocked.
--time zones may not always mesh, there may have to be arrangements or compromises. [one stays up really late, or wakes up really early] I am in Central Time.
--Celebi, Victini, Kedleo, Reshiram, Zekrom, Meloetta, Zygarde and Hoopa CANNOT TRADE when shiny [they are shiny locked.]

from Articuno to Genesect, and there have been some new additions:
Non-legendary shinies:
Phione [i know it's a legend, but a super common one, so I only have shiny ones]
Absol male [lv100] and female [lv 1]
Eevee male and female

6th gen events:
Shiny JPN Jirachi
Shiny Diancie
Shiny Arceus

Shiny event Xerneas
Shiny event Yveltal
Event Zygarde
Shiny event Diancie
Latias and Latios with Defog
Regenerator ho-oh

please keep patience as well, as I do need sleep also XD I try to accept every request, so if it takes a while I'm not ignoring you, I'm just not there yet.

I will respond to your request via pm to keep the thread less crowded
Hmm I don't know what to think about this. I don't know about others but I'm not a huge fan of cheating to be honest.

That being said this is in the wrong section so I need to move it.
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