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There's a lot of things to be said about this subject. This is not a debate, racial, prejudice, or strongly opinionated post, and if it turns into one, I'm locking it.

A lot of you don't live in America, so here's a brief rundown. Syria is currently in a civil war between its government, religious "rebels", ISIS, and Kurdish forces. Citizens of Syria are looking for refuge in other countries due to being caught in cross fire from these battles. The US government had agreed to take some of the refugees and place them across the states.

[Image: plcement%20sites.jpg]

ISIS has recently threatened anyone willing to take the refugees, and shown proof that they will back their word. Since then, Many of my states are beginning to refuse shelter to them.

[Image: syrianrefugeesmap.jpg]

This. This is a true picture of terrorism working. This is something that will forever be inside of my mind. More than just reading something in a text book. This is living history. These are people, and we're refusing them the little help we can give.

I'm putting aside all opinions on if the US should be involved or not(Policing the world). My opinion does not change that fact that this IS happening. I'd love to know if/how other countries are responding to this.
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In my opinion, all countries should be taking in more refugees. Europe is doing quite a good job in taking in and caring for these refugees but unfortunately they can not continually take in more people. They just dont have the resources nor the capacity to cater to the well being for the influx of the millions of people that have already made the journey there. Really sad to hear that some of these countries has closed their borders to so many of these refugees. Yes, I understand that any country that accepts these refugees into their country become enemies of the Islamic State (ISIS or whatever they are called now) but they pretty much want to see the world burn anyway. The aim of ISIS is to create somewhat of a bitterness towards Muslims, mainly the ones that have been strongly influenced by the "Western Culture" and do that in the hope of radicalizing these people who have become outcasts to further their cause. So one thing all countries can do to help is to take in these refugees.

In NZ, there are mixed opinions on the situation. Most people don't want us to do anything at least for the time being.

Thought this summed up the attacks on Paris rather well: [CONTAINS VULGAR LAGUANGE: YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!]
We discussed this in my class, most of us agreed it isn't really fair to threaten a countries safety when these 'refugees' are terrorists. A minority of these refugees are terrorists but many do need help. I don't know what to do though since I agree it's not fair to threaten our safety but there must be some way to help them. But I doubt Mr. Donald Trump will help our country at all with all his radical ideas.

You should all watch this.
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Does this mean kakashi is finally coming to America?
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(11-21-2015, 06:19 PM)PVLIVED Wrote:  Does this mean kakashi is finally coming to America?

No I'm fine being in Canada.
Canada is in America....
(11-22-2015, 04:21 PM)keldeo18 Wrote:  Canada is in America....

What the hell? They are different countries. You probably (hopefully) meant North America.
(11-22-2015, 05:29 PM)Kakashi Wrote:  
(11-22-2015, 04:21 PM)keldeo18 Wrote:  Canada is in America....

What the hell? They are different countries. You probably (hopefully) meant North America.

Clearly you haven't been keeping up with the news.
America isn't a country, it's a super continent of north and south amercia which includes the us, brazil, Canada, peru, chile, mexico, etc.

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