Trading Guide
Trading Guide

Hello and welcome to Pokemon Voyage's official trading guide! This is to help new players get acquainted with one of the greatest aspects of Pokemon, TRADING! The community of Pokemon Voyage is heavily based around trading, because it can be so much fun! Sometimes this guide may go into great detail, so feel free to skip over to whichever part you want by using the following search terms:
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@LAT - Learning About Trading
@RPG - Using the RPG Features
@GS - Getting Started
@RV - Ratings and Values
@TE - Trading Etiquette 
@CRED - Credits

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Learning About Trading
Before you actually get started trading, it is best to learn about the subject first. You should get started by reading the Pokemon Voyage Beginner's Guide. In fact, it features a section dedicated to trading (CLICK). Afterwards, be sure to observe the place where all the trading magic happens, the Trading Forums! Be sure to pay special attention to the trading thread rules. Also, if you have spare time, just read around through the threads to get a basic idea about how the PV economy functions. 
QUICK TIP: Always remember to take your time with trading. Ask around for advice before diving into a trade.

Another very useful thread to look at is the "Common Trading Terms Used" thread by Zarquad, which is linked here 

Using The RPG Features
The Pokemon Voyage RPG has been optimized to provide you with a lot of support in your trading. Here are the features that you should take advantage of when trading:

The Box Organizer: This is the greatest feature on the internet. Too lazy to organize your Pokemon? With the click of a button, all your problems are solved. To access this feature, click the 'User' menu, and select, My Pokemon Box

Rarity List: This allows you get a basic understanding on values of Pokemon. Generally, the rarer a Pokemon is, the more valuable it is. It tells you how many there are of a Pokemon in the game, and organizes it by gender. To access it, click the 'Pokemon' menu, and select, rarity list

Pokemon Finder: Another fantastic feature on Pokemon Voyage! It allows you to pinpoint the location of all the Pokemon you desire. To access it, click the 'Pokemon' menu, and select Pokemon finder

Manage Trades: This is the feature that allows you to quickly create and accept/decline trades. It is located under the 'User' menu, on the Manage Trades option. It outlines your pending trades, incoming trades, and allows you to create trades of your own!

Getting Started
Now that you know the basics about trading, it is time for you to dive into the Pokemon Voyage economy! 
You: What? How do I get lots of rare Pokemon and riches??
Don't worry, there are lots of opportunities to get started!

Explanation: This is simplest way to get richer. All you have to do is train! Under the 'User' menu, just select 'Battle Trainers', and you're off! For the basis of training, check the wiki page here! 
How this gets you richer: Leveled pokemon are a huge part of PV's economy. A lot of people are too lazy to train themselves, so if you have the drive to train Pokemon, it will be a big boost for you! In addition to this, training is the best way to make money. Money is another thing that lots of people are interested in. In addition, you can use money to buy new Pokemon from the Buy Page! 
Effectiveness: ★★★★★


Explanation: Every once in a while, Pokemon Voyage hosts events, usually to commemorate holidays or other special occasions. These events involve some type of a challenge, which reward the player with a prize when completed. Be on the lookout on the Announcements forum for events and check out the wiki page for more information.
How this gets you richer: The pokemon obtained from these events are often the rarest and most valuable on Pokemon Voyage. In addition to this, they are often very popular among the traders, making them a great way to get started trading. The only downside is that events are fairly rare, but they are definitely worth the wait!
Effectiveness: ★★★★★

Explanation: Under the challenges menu, there are four mini games, 'Spin the PokeBalls', 'Roll the Die', 'Coin Toss', 'Who's that Pokemon?' The prize for winning these is either a unique Pokemon or a money value from $10 000 - $50 000. For more details check the wiki page here!
How this gets you richer: The unique Pokemon prize is often a very popular Pokemon, so it should give you a nice boost to help you get started. In addition, as stated before, money is very useful on Pokemon Voyage! The only downfall is that you can only play each mini-game once a day.
Effectiveness: ★★☆☆☆

Pokemon Gyms and Challenges
Explanation: Once again, under the challenges menu, there are three other challenges, 'Pokemon Gyms', 'Elite Four' and 'Champions League'. If you beat these challenges, you get ShinyGroudon, ShinyKyogre and ShinyRayquaza (respectively). To easily beat the Pokemon Gyms, make sure you have a type advantage, and Pokemon that are fairly close to the levels of the gym leader's Pokemon. The gym leader's levels do not scale with yours, so it should be pretty easy. 

The Elite Four is a bit harder. However, a set of strong Pokemon around the same level should easily take care of them. For information on their types, check the wiki page here. Some effective, and common set Pokemon include: Slaking, Lapras, Pseudolegendaries and Legends. Try experimenting with pokemon combinations to find what works for you.

Finally, the Champions League is very hard, and depends heavily on luck. However, if you have a balanced team, you should have good odds at beating it. By balanced, I mean balanced pokemon types, and balanced levels. For help with the Champion's League, check the following sources: 
IceD's Thread on their Moveset
Jamezilla's Possible Set
My Pokemon Set
How this gets you richer: A ShinyGroudon? A ShinyKyogre?!? A ShinyRayquaza?!??!?!? This is a nice way to get your first legends and rare pokemon. In addition, these legendary pokemon are very popular, so it should be a very good way to get started. The only downfall is that you can only win these prizes once per account.
Effectiveness: ★★★★☆

Explanation: Contests are a very fun and simple way to get new Pokemon! Most contests can be found here in the contests forums. There are contests held by ordinary, generous members, along with special contests held by staff members. Contests hosted by the staff usually feature some great prizes! Also, be on the lookout for special contests on the Pokemon Voyage official Twitter located here.
How this gets you richer: You get to actively participate in the community and become richer as a person. More importantly, you get free Pokemon and other prizes from contests! Especially if you win a staff contest, you can get some very nice rares or goldens.
Effectiveness: ★★★★☆

Explanation: This is a feature which is new to Pokemon Voyage, and is also a great way to get started! For a list of currently known achievements, check here at Typhlosion's Achievement Guide/List. Feel free to ask people in the community for help getting these achievements if you need it. However, many of these achievements are simple tasks which award you with achievement coins. These coins can then be traded in at the Achievement Shop for rares, legends or even a fancy ShinyLugia! 
How this gets you richer: Most of the prizes from the Achievement Shop are very rare since most players are saving up for the Shiny Dog Trio or the ShinyLugia. This makes them fairly valuable, and a great way to start off! 
Effectiveness: ★★★★☆

Pokemon Voyage Guilds
Explanation: It isn't recommended that you join a Guild for the sole purpose of getting Pokemon. However, a lot of the Pokemon Voyage guilds located here offer a unique rewards system for their members. Join, make friends, and get some great Pokemon while doing so, sounds like a WIN WIN.
How this gets you richer: Prizes, friends, being part of the community. Woo. 
Effectiveness: ★★☆☆☆

Explanation: Promos are pokemon that are available to all members for a (most of the time) modest price. To obtain the promo, click on this link. Promos can be normal, shiny, dark, aqua, magma and sometimes even GOLDEN! Most of the time, they will not be re-released, meaning it is a great way to get some unobtainable pokemon!
How this gets you richer: Promo pokemon are often very popular, so it is a good way to start trading and gain wealth. In fact, some past promos include DarkArticuno, ShinyArticuno, GoldenHoundour, GoldenLarvitar and more (For a full list, click here). The only problem is that only one can be received on each account.
Effectiveness: ★★★☆☆

Explanation: What is a pokemon game without your very own, friendly, neighborhood rival? Pokemon Voyage is no different, with an optional against Barry occasionally appearing on the top of your page. All of you have to do is beat his roster of six for a chance to get some legendary pokemon! For a quick and easy way to beat Barry, look out Dragonmaster's guide.
How this gets you richer: Defeating Barry gives you a chance to win a legendary pokemon! This includes Rayquaza, Deoxys, Darkrai, Mew and many more. For a full list, check out the wiki page
Effectiveness: ★★☆☆☆

Ratings and Values
The great thing about Pokemon Voyage is that there is no constraining rates system! No one will force you to 'rate' your Pokemon or anything of the like. Your Pokemon are worth whatever you think they are worth. However, this doesn't mean you can offer a Magikarp for a ShinyLugia. Individual values are based off various factors including: 

Rarity: The rarer a Pokemon is, the more it is usually worth
Type: Generally, Golden > Shiny/Dark/Magma/Aqua > Normal
Gender: Occasionally, the Pokemon's gender is unique. Perhaps the female is rarer than the male. Also, some unique Pokemon are Ungendered (?), meaning that they are rarer than their gendered counterparts.
Age: Although this may seem weird, older Pokemon are usually worth more. More of them are inactive, meaning less of them are for trade.
Likability: Obviously, Pokemon that are more liked are worth more.
Level: Some people prefer base Pokemon (Level 5/4), while others prefer high levels. 
Past Trades: If the Pokemon has been traded in the past, it helps to get a better understanding of its value.

Trading Etiquette
Generally, being rude to the people you are trying to trade with is not a good way to make trades, or friends. Some basic rules to follow include:

1. DO NOT swear at the people offering in your thread
2. DO NOT ignore people who are offering in your thread, at least have the courtesy to say no
3. Do not be rude when rejecting. Instead of, "Hell NO" or "NEVER," say something like, "No thank you," "No thanks" or simply, "No"
4. When offering, give specific details to save yourself and the other people time.
5. When posting 'your box' either use [code.] [/code.] tags OR post the good stuff.
6. DON'T name a thread 'Best offer' if you don't intend to take the best offer in a certain amount of time.

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Alright, you've managed to make your way through the guide! <player>! Your very own Pokémon legend is about to unfold! A world of dreams and adventures trading with Pokémon awaits!

Credits to: 
Misterpokemon for writing the guide
Canine for the quick tips
IceD and Jamezilla for the Champion Tournament help
Typhlosion for compiling the Achievements

Dragonmaster for his guide to beat Barry
Zarquad for revising the guide

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