The RPG isn't working it just says:
There was a connection problem. Please try again.
I can't get on the rpg either.

have you got on yet, I haven't
So there is no fault in my Internet.
that's what I was worried about.
I am missing my pokes already.
pokemon voyage is my favorite rpg, I was looking forward to summer only to train my pokemon and play with my eevees. in a few days I have to go to a camp and won't be able to do anything with my pokes.
Someone wake up Kakashi
KAKASHI! I don't think screaming his name will work. I just tried.

"There was a connection problem. Please try again." why?
Please wait patiently as the site will be back up soon. Please don't make any assumptions (other than error message) as to why the site down, as only official word from primary admin can remedy your questions. As for now rest assured knowing that tppx's server staff will bring the site back up soon. There is no ETA, simply check back every few hours.
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"Put your katanas down, ya buncha wussies""
 Kanto Familia
Looking into this.

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