Eevee Evolution Family Thread
Calling all Eevee trainers!

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this a guild for all eevee trainers but in order to test your desire to join this guild you must have an eevee or eevee evou at the level *500 100 or more. you can find eevee and its various evolutions on maps although it may be a bit time consuming, if you can't find any you can trade for one or buy one on the buy page. any form of eevee is allowed such as aqua, dark, shiny, etc. I'm currently not enforcing the level requirement due to the lack of trainers joining. this guild is supposed to be a fun place for eevee trainers to hang out and talk. we may plan missions such as donations of level 100 eevees to new trainers to get them started. we would like to promote activity on both the rpg and forums. all pokemon and all trainers deserve some love including you. if you have any suggestions just comment on this forum.

*not many people had eevee evou that strong so I changed the level requirement.*
also fill out this form:

eevee evou:
eevee level:

there was an accident, I accidently deleted the first post when I trying to get rid of the poll thing and the thread went bye-bye.  Cry

jamezilla has given consent for E.E. to join Kanto Familia, jamezilla wants this link posted:

oh yeah, if you join eevee evolutions that means you are part of kanto familia, however if you join an non kanto familia branch, you will no longer be part of kanto familia, though still a part of eevee evolutions.

Official Rules
1. be respectful to others
2. don't post about the apprentice center exchange on this thread
3. respect jamezilla, zarquad, and kakashi
4. don't bother people
5. use appropriate language; no swearing
6. post about eevee and only about eevee unless it involves making a training gym and you need E.E. members help
7. be truthful and honest
8. don't use this guild to manipulate people
*i'll add more rules as I think of them :) don't be afraid to suggest reasonable ideas*
hahahahahahahaahahaha.Guild refreshed.
dont worry we will help you to recover
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you two have a very positive outlook at this situation. I really liked the post "what if we don't have an eevee or any of its evous?"
(06-05-2015, 04:33 AM)Hassaan Wrote:  hahahahahahahaahahaha.Guild refreshed.
tell me when you want me to refresh the guild again. :)

i'll use my second post for announcement and all the big stuff like missions or anything that will need to be updated.

Members List
username: Kyravanti909
ID: 53547
eevee evolution: Aqua Glaceon
eevee level: 801

Username: Hassaan
ID: 50471
Eevee evolution: Magma Jolteon
Level: 206

Username: keldeo18
ID: 56963
Eevee evou: Aqua Leafeon
Eevee level: 500

username: emorox
ID: 100
eevee evolution: Magma Eevee
eevee level: Level 5

username: IsabellaTheNoivern
ID: 56586
eevee evou: Vaporeon.
eevee level: 168

username: burgermeyer
ID: 43721
eevee evou: Leafeon
eevee level: 202

username: powermon
ID: 52538
eevee evou: Umbreon
eevee level: 200

username: jubayer
eevee evou:eevee
eevee level:272

Username: stompygil101
ID: 49925
Eeveelution: vaporeon
Level: 104

Username: cool212
Eeveevolution: Umbreon
Level: 175

i'll repost missions and the prize for points later. also, the prizes are only one in stock that I have, others members can donate prizes if they want to. each prize will be worth 10+ points and each mission will be worth 2+points.
If you're interested, I could restore your previous guild thread since the deletion was an accident. :)
Usually we won't restore (well I won't, not sure on other staff) since it can be a hassle if lots of people are asking for their threads etc.

But anyhow yea, if you'd like your earlier thread restored I can do that and remove this one.
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i mean yes and thank you. also, i have a question. how can i delete a poll from a thread? i was trying to get rid of the poll and some how got rid of the thread. Huh
That would be great.

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