I got this error a few times when battling Barry

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I RUN PV. -burning poo 

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Did you have another tab open? This is something that browsing the RPG in multiple tabs will cause to happen. The battle gets reset because you can't have two instances of the same battle. If you use only one window to access the RPG, then you should be fine.

Is there anything that you did differently? The reason above is the only reason I can think of that can cause this to happen, and it's just a security mechanism.
On the upper right side you can see that there is only one tab open. Maybe just lag idk
I RUN PV. -burning poo 

YouTube Channel (Director) :
No, I meant did you ever open a new tab during that browsing session? It can throw it off. Other than that, I don't see any other thing that could trigger it. I'll lock the thread for now, and if you ever end up reproducing the error, let me know.

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