Creating free things~
Its looking Awesome.
Well, since I don't own a tablet, it takes significantly longer to draw parts well. It also takes awhile to draw a single part since I often restart it if I don't like its pose/shape.

Right now I'm lacking inspiration and some time since I've been out with friends and family.

Please just be patient with this though. I know it's taken awhile already, but the hardest part for me is the lining.
No problem just try your best.
Its been 2 months since I requested Mega-Blastoise art.
Well, you guys are probably restless unless I post some WIP's so...

Scaled 50%
[Image: d6b57595ff.png]
Arms, eyes, left half of sky, water, and extra lighting to do.

For Keldeo's, all basic coloring and outlines for the Pokemon are finished, so lighting/shading and the background remain.
I dont know what to say.It just too awesome.
I haven't forgotten about this lol.
[Image: 1e212512bd.png]

50% scale as usual.
So um, I realized I've neglected these requests lol. I'll be able to start again soon once summer starts.

Some progress though: added some small details to the water and sketched in some arms
[Image: 17e53d086d.png]
67% scale

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