This contest has the best prize since...sliced bread? Naw, best prize since birds
Ok the prize is Golden Magikarp (?)....peeing ur pants is appropriate now.

Ok you guys/gals post haxorus sprites(could be fusions, it could be a mega form, or just a simple sprite that is themed like golden,shadow,etc)

You do not have to make it, you could just find something on the internet
You can only post once and a max of 2 sprites in that post
No person can have the same sprites as someone else

Deadline first of march(March 1, 2015)so you can edit ur posts till then just in case you change your mind in what sprites you pick

Whoever posts the one I like the most wins
Good luck!
I should be able to make a cool and a cute Haxorus sprite for this. Just wait~
No Idea if this is what you want or if its even haxorous. Still pretty dope

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#4 Is that one good?
Id use this one as my laptop skin or phone skin :3
Here is a gijinka
[Image: lucario-mega.gif]
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[Image: pokemon__shiny_haxorus_by_mark331-d4ikyi2.jpg]

[Image: haxorus.jpg]
[Image: thumb.jpg]

[Image: 612___haxorus_by_tails19950-d4a7lwp.png]
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All very good so far, 4 more days
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Wait so Haxorus sprites or any Haxorus art?

(Axew bothering a sleeping Haxorus)
[Image: 79b83d0501.png] [Image: 6ffa27d80a.png]

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