Daily challenge prize changes and Golden Pokemon event info.
The daily challenge prize has now been changed to Shiny/Dark Deino. 

I know that I mentioned that one of the Pokemon that could be goldenized on the upcoming event already exists as a (?) Pokemon. Well, I have some more news for everyone. It appears as though the second Pokemon can also be (?) gendered. This limits the Pokemon possibilities to only a handful of Pokemon. 

Keep in mind that even if your Pokemon is not (?) gendered, it can still be goldenized. There is some confusion about the event, so I'll make it very clear for everyone right now. There will be two preselected Pokemon that can be goldenized. In this case, two of them have already been released into the game and are (?) gendered. They are also available with other genders, and those Pokemon will also be goldenizable. 

Hypothetically speaking, if the Golden Pokemon was determined to be Dratini, then it can goldenized regardless of its gender. That is what I'm trying to emphasize.

I'm hoping to start the event early next week. It will likely last for up to three days. Good luck!

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