1. Do not rig contests.
2. Only make contests that give everyone a fair chance.
3. Link your account before creating contests.
4. Contests stay in the contest section.
5. Do not create contests involving users to participate in other RPGs.
6. Do not create fake and/or scamming contests.
7. Some contests require you to submit something. Do not plagiarise. Plagiarism is illegal.
8. Do not create contests to gain profit. Contests that require participants to donate Pokemon are allowed, HOWEVER the creator of the contest is not allowed to make a profit through these contests. If he/she is keeping the Pokemon that are being donated to him/her, the prize must outweigh the Pokemon he/she is receiving.
9. Do not create "spam" contests. This includes posting contests. All posting contests will be locked.

For a complete list of the rules and regulations of Pokemon Voyage, click here.

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