Golden Pokemon event: 3rd week of February
Hey guys. There will be a unique Golden Pokemon event most likely during the third week of February (week of February 16th). I say this because I'm not sure what my schedule will be like, but I'm hoping I'll have some time to put something together.

I don't have any restrictions in mind yet, but you will be notified on the day of the event, or maybe a day or two prior. With that said, it's always better to have completed most challenges on your account.

Some hints for the event

- You will be able to goldenize the Golden Pokemon. This means that one of your Pokemon will be converted into a Golden Pokemon
- The goldenization process will only consider a normal Pokemon. This means that Shiny, Dark, and other type Pokemon will not work.
- One of the Pokemon currently exists in the game as (?) gendered

Hopefully this gives people enough time to figure out what they need to do to prepare. Good luck everyone.

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