1. Do not have more than 2 trade threads on the first page. If you have two, they have to be on different topics. Ex. One thread is trading Pokemon, while the other is Selling/Buying Pokemon.
2. Do not create threads with Pokemon that you do not own.
3. Keep trading in the Trading Section.
4. Inter-site trading is NOT allowed.
5. Link your accounts before creating threads or posting.
6. Do not beg for pokemon.
7. Do not post threads asking for advice on a trade. Feel free to PM your friends, but do not create threads on the topic. There is no set "right" or "wrong" answer when it comes to trades. Opinion and personal preference is a large factor.
8. Do not trade accounts.
9. Do not create threads with deceiving titles. This includes putting Pokemon that you don't own in your thread title just to gain attention.
10. If somebody asks you to stop spamming/posting in their thread, do so.
11. You must wait 20 minutes before "bumping" your trade thread.
12. Do not bump someone elses' thread. This includes "free bumps."

For a complete list of the rules and regulations of Pokemon Voyage, click here.

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