Garp Render
Original Image
Quote:[Image: ONE.PIECE.600.1364760.jpg]
My render
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Garp? Like Monkey D. Garp?
The spots around the jawbone and up, and the ear, look kinda sketchy. And what's with all the white space? :p
The original doesn't show, but I'm guessing it's the same as your avatar?
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Hey, nice one. ^^

1. People do not prefer to use messy and cut renders. (Every artists need a neat, clear and high quality render.)
2. I'm assuming that you just cut it, instead of that, you could browse some rendering tutorials.
3. And try using a bit nice quality picture to render it. ^^

Moreover, it's a nice work. You can do it better with your skills! C:
I apologize if I bumped an old thread. >~<
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