Way to record game emulators and upload to Youtube succesfully
I'm using Visual Bot Advance and DeSmuMe emulators to play Pokemon roms on my laptop. I've attempted to create a Youtube account on several occasions but my attempts failed miserably. The first time I attempted it I tried using a normal screen recorder. But to record sound I needed the volume to be on while recording and the background noise got in the way. On my second try I used the built in AVI recorder. This fixed the sound problem and looked amazing when I played it back. Problem was it recorded it in sections so I had to upload those sections into Youtube separately and then go into video editor and put them together which all together took about 6 hours. Then when I went to watch the video the audio was terrible and the recorded video was just a blurry mess. I would to like to know if anyone has a solution for this. If there's a free unlimited time limit screen recorder or if there is a video editing software that allows me to edit it together and successfully send it to Youtube without terrible sound quality or a blurry screen. Also if there is someway to flip the recording so instead of it being vertical the screens are horizontal, eliminating the black, empty screen on the sides of it. 
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We don't support the use of ROMs to play Pokemon. That being said, you can look into the following free recording softwares: Dxtory, WeGame, and Fraps.

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