Story time!
One story at a time here peeps.

At the cave at dawn came a cub without horns, why would it have horns it's not a rhino, anyway back to the story, the cub was walking around looking so scared when a grey haired donkey came crying , the donkey said Hee-Ooh and left in a scurry just to find he was much in a Hurry, not long by the cub found him by a little sly fox trying to fly, this fox was not ordinary he was aiming to win the race with the birds that he has gone and entered In, he knows he's a fox but when he saw the tree oh yes it was the the Maple tree said he, he went to the forest to learn how to fly and the donkey and cub came wandering by, not long after that they snuggled up in bed to find out the window was some great white snow, he wanted to play the cub said so load but he knew he was sleepy so he did go to sleep just to find him waking up with no whiteness there, he was upset crying and the donkey said trying to cry with the fly of the pie when you try you can fly, the fox said that's it and jumped up from bed and the donkey though (Was it something I said) so the fox went off the the race were he lay not knowing what to do but he was greatly O.k, he dident understand what to do but he gave it a go and Bang, the maple tree fell just sadly it dident just fall but it hit his dear friends, he said "I must win this race if it's the last thing I will do" so he raced off and began flying not knowing how it happend and as magic flew wild the maple tree picked it's self up saying the cub but sadly the Donkey was dead with a puff.

That's the end of the story I hope you enjoyed so if you did ask for more.

I know the rhyming was bad and so was the story line but here's my entry THE END.

Tell me what you think.
This was my entry for a contest but this is what I thought off, I know it's bad but I just want thoughts on it pls
[Image: 30tgqkh.jpg]
So u don't like it :(
[Image: 30tgqkh.jpg]
Its not bad. Its quite good actually.
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