The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

Big fan of the LOTR trilogy. Caught the first part. Anyone looking forward to the second?
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Yes, I was going to watch it at midnight but I slept in until 11am ;-;
Hopefully I'll watch it soon, I am super keen.
Damn, midnight movies are the best!

Last midnight movie I caught was the Catching Fire. It was so good I had to reread the series haha.
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I should be going on Monday with my mate to watch it.
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I'm gonna go when the hype dies a bit, I'm not really a people person. Butting elbows with a stranger just isn't my cup of tea.
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I think it kinda depends, the atmosphere is pretty awesome when there are plenty of fellow fans watching.

I remember at the end of TDKR the audience stood up and applauded. That was something I haven't seen in a long time.
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It's a pretty good movie besides the ending which basically sets it up for the next part.
Glad to hear! I'll be catching it sometime this weekend:)

And sure they always build up at the end haha, same for the Catching Fire.
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