Ionic Compounds and whether they are soluble.
We will be doing an experiment on Tuesday in which we combine two solutions and see whether they react or not.
If they do react, then it will form a precipitate and a different solution. If not, there won't be any change.

ANYWAYS, in the case that it does react, how do I know what compound the precipitate (solid) is?

For example:
NaCl (aq) + KI (aq) NaI (?)+ KCl (?)

Is NaI the solid, or KCl?

This might be googlable, but I can't word it correctly for a google search ;-;

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We did this last year, and I can't be bothered to go dig up my notes. But if what I remember is correct, they should both dissolve in water (according to the solubility rules), so there won't be a precipitate.

But again, I'm not certain about anything. It's been a year since I've done this kind of stuff.
I just realized that the equation you posted is just an example.

Do you know your solubility rules? Once you write out the reaction equation, just apply the rules to the products to see which ones dissolve.
It's not to see how soluble they are, it's to see what happens when you mix them together :x

I don't know solubility rules D:
We are to determine this through just our experiment though :x
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When you mix the together, those two things will form, right? And both of those things dissolve in water (which they will both be in), so a precipitate shouldn't form.

What. Google them. I don't remember them all, or the order. And as far as I'm aware, you can't determine it just from the experiment. You need to write out the equation and apply the solubility rules.

I could be wrong though, as previously mentioned.
Chemistry >.>''
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