Training Gyms.
Training gyms, as most of you know, are accounts that have Pokemon in their roster that are designed to help members level up their Pokemon more quickly. The rosters usually consist of 6 Happinys/Chanseys/Blisseys which are around the same level. Those 3 Pokemon give more experience points that most other Pokemon. The easiest way to defeat them is to use a fighting type Pokemon with a strong fighting type move, such as Close Combat.

These gyms are created by members, who catch Happinys and train them to whatever level they want the gym to be at. If somebody, or a group of members, has successfully trained 6 Happinys/Chanseys/Blisseys to around the same level and wish to make it available to the public as an "official" training gym, contact an assistant, junior moderator, or moderator. They will add your gym to the wiki. You can also choose to give your Blisseys to a moderator or super moderator who will make a new account (which you won't have access to) for the gym. You cannot get your Blisseys back. The gym account will be named after you.

The list of current training gyms can be found here:

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