v2 has arrived!
After a very long wait, v2 is finally ready! It is scheduled to be released today at 7:00pm EST. v2 introduces RPG messaging, gyms, rival battles, and more! I know this RPG has been around for a while with relatively slow progress, and I thank all of you who stuck around and continued to give Pokemon Voyage your support. v2 will hopefully get us rolling again, and be the first step in making Pokemon Voyage a much more active and popular place!

The Golden Event will also start once v2 is live. Look for the discussion thread stickied in the Lounge. The event is scheduled to end Friday night. The event will work like the older events we had, not our most recent ones. There will be 2 event Pokemon, which means that there will be 2 roster combinations. Riddles will be released that hint towards what Pokemon you must place in each roster slot in order to unlock the event Pokemon. If you think you have the correct roster, go to the event page (A link will be posted later), and try to goldenize your Pokemon for a price. Remember that you CANNOT TRADE YOUR EVENT POKEMON UNTIL THERE IS AN ANNOUNCEMENT THAT CLEARLY STATES THAT YOU MAY DO SO. Also note that you can only have 2 RPG accounts, and you can only goldenize one Pokemon per account. Furthermore, getting your friends to make accounts then give you their golden Pokemon is NOT allowed and it WILL result in a ban. Those types of things are very easy to catch, so please simply follow the rules. 2 Pokemon max per member. If you have any questions about what you're allowed/not allowed to do, simply send me a PM.

Also, note that once v2 is live, intersite trading will no longer be permitted. If you are caught intersite trading, it will result in a ban.
v2 is now live.

Also, I forgot to mention. In order to log into v2 for the first time you must change your password. When you try logging in you will be redirected to a page where you can change it.
If you think you have the correct roster combination go here to try it out: http://pokemonvoyage.com/golden-event
I hope everyone enjoys v2s first promo! It's a mind-boggling deal, so you better go snag one while you can!
This is basically a list of everything that is different between v1 and v2 (It's possible that I've forgotten something stuff).

Completely new look (Bootstrap 3).
Revised maps (New appearance + new Pokemon).
Many pages are now more user friendly.
New training system.
Gym battles.
Elite Four battles.
Champions Tournament.
Items feature.
Friends feature.
In game RPG messaging system.
Achievements and an achievement shop.
New profile page (Includes avatars and a looking for list).
Change password feature.
Report members feature.
Rival battles.
New RPG organization.
Staff list.
Catch Pokemon reorganized.
Trades reorganized.
Buy Pokemon page improved to include tabs with specific types of Pokemon.
Sell Pokemon page improved; you can now sell multiple Pokemon at once.
Pokemon form changing (Gilberts lab).
More user friendly edit roster page.
Improved staff panels.
Well, people are making golds. Just a reminder

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Gone atm. I'll be back once I have free time.
Special Thanks: Jamez, Kakashi, Cyenso, Zarquad, Sureenuh, firefoot, Zya, Rage, Cresty, Mpk, DA, Typh
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Just to emphasize this yet again, please do NOT trade your golds, get friends to make you golds, make more than 2 accounts, or any do any form of cheating. It is really easy to catch and in the end you'll just be banned. This event is supposed to make you guys have fun, so enjoy it, and stick to the rules. Don't get greedy.

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