The Guide to Guilds
Guilds 101

Welcome to a full tutorial on making a successful guild and choosing the right guild to join. But first lets get to the basic questions about guilds.

Why make a guild?

- Guilds are a great place to make new friends, have discussions about almost anything you like, play some fun little games like role-plays and most importantly, have fun! They also give you opportunities to get involved with things you couldn't outside of clans like clan only contests and events.

How to make a great guild

1. The First thing you should do before doing anything, is read the guild rules here:

2. If you're new to the forums and are wanting to make a guild, first introduce yourself to the community and make a few friends so that you could make a well known guild of your own.

3. Think of a good topic for your guild. It could be anything you like as long as it's appropriate.

4. Have an understandable layout so that people can read all the features your guild has to offer. Make sure you know how to use BBcodes for your guild (which are above the text box).

Here is a basic layout CODE with the necessities you will need to make a successful guild! If you wish to put these into your guild, go add more amazing features to make your guild unique! (copy and paste this to your guild. Delete the red text when customizing)

The guild example in action

Picking the right guild to join

1. Are there any specific requirements in the clan? The more requirements probably mean that they want active forum members or wealthy in game members. If you meet their requirements, you should join the guild.

2. Guilds contests, raffles or events? If guilds have features like those, take advantage of them. Now, I'm not telling you to join for the sole purpose of those features. There's much more to a guild than that.

3. Do you know the guild leader well? If you do, chances are you'll be a well known member in the guild :).

4. What type of guild do you like? There are many types of guilds. Join the ones that interest you the most.

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